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JOOR Style Stories Help Buyers Keep Up with Customer Priorities

September 11, 2020

These days, ‘consumer-led’ goes well beyond keeping pace with streetwear hybrids and the latest in Zoom couture.  Acknowledging societal impact as KPI predates our current chapter, but 2020 consumers have definitively moved that needle from stakeholder discussions to existential stakes.  In this highly-charged reality, prospective consumers expect companies they buy from to reflect their values, and they shop the change they want to see.


At JOOR we get this, and wanted to create a fast and easy way for buyers to build the particular curated assortment their customers crave. We partnered with JOOR brands, starting with a broad survey about their storytelling and key values. The more we learned, the more we drilled down and uncovered increasingly engaging distinctions. The result? Style Stories, searchable shoppable categories that give buyers the ability to refine beyond swimwear and denim, and discover great new finds that add up to seriously stand out assortments.  


JOOR works closely with brands to define Style Stories specific to each virtual show, so buyers can sort fast to align with a distinctive identity throughout the JOOR Passport hub.  During the upcoming JOOR Showcase (now live--a virtual market featuring innovative contemporary brands) for example, Style Stories like Minority-led Brands, Made in the USA, Responsible Wardrobe, Female Founded and more will help retailers craft visionary assortments quickly. At the same time, PASSPORT’s one-stop-shop access to shows around the world gives retailers the chance to let customers truly lead the way.  The 365 day, 24/7 access allows them to pivot and realign in real time when behaviors shift and the unexpected sends a curveball from the side. 


Retail buyers can sign up here for complimentary registration for JOOR Showcase and all PASSPORT shows.

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