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Meet JOOR Pay, our revolutionary global embedded payment solution. With JOOR Pay, brands can enhance cash flow and minimize risk, bidding farewell to the need to store sensitive credit card information. We’ve not only simplified but also expedited payments collection, allowing brands to channel their focus where it truly matters – growing your business. All seamlessly integrated within the JOOR B2B Fashion E-commerce platform. 


Delivering transparency, efficiency, and security

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JOOR Pay At a Glance

  • Save 200+ hours per year and improve cash flow
  • Reduce risk with JOOR Pay acting as merchant of record
  • Best-in-class customer service with dedicated JOOR Pay support
  • Support for all major types of digital payments
  • Fast settlements in the currency of choice
  • Coverage across 135+ currencies
  • Provide 60-day terms to qualified buyers
  • No monthly fees or commitment to process
  • 96% successful transaction rate when retailers pay through online payment requests
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Cash In

Increase successful transactions by 10% vs. other payment processors

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Save Time

Get paid on average 19 days faster by allowing your buyers to pay directly online

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Mitigate Risk

Safeguard your business by eliminating the need to store credit card information

Streamline Your Business with JOOR Pay

JOOR Pay is an all-in-one payment platform that simplifies the entire payment collection process. Discover the benefits of JOOR Pay in terms of time-saving compared to  manually chasing payments

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How payments make cents

Success Stories

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

We’ve never been able to offer a global payment option before and it’s been a game-changer for our business. Since adopting JOOR Pay, we can accept over 135 currencies and still get paid in our currency of choice. The intuitive, easy to use interface has been a breeze to adopt and we’ve already seen faster payments and been able to simplify our reconciliation.

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
Aaron Smith, Chief Operating Officer
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

JOOR Pay streamlined our work flow from order creation to final payment in one place, creating an efficient way to work with our growing wholesale base.

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
Wholesale & Production Coordinator, The Wolf Gang
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

We love the simplified pricing. There is a fixed cost per payment rather than the various processes and providers we were using before with fees spent here and time spent there.

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
Sales Support, Knitss

Reduce Risk with JOOR Pay: Watch this short video to learn how JOOR Pay can alleviate liability for all payment, PCI compliance, and associated data breach concerns.

Seamlessly Collect Payment Post Market: Watch this short video to learn how you can collect payment and ship products out efficiently post market.

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Best B2B Payments Program

JOOR has been selected as a finalist for the "Best B2B Payments Program" category for The Payments Association's annual PAY360 Awards

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