JOOR | Wholesale Management PlatformJOOR | Wholesale management Platform

JOOR Integration

JOOR integrates with over 100 backend systems to provide a streamlined data flow and increased efficiency.

Seamless integration between JOOR and your ERP

The JOOR integration process includes:
— Comprehensive and easy-to-follow documentation
— Secure data transfers with SSL encryption
— 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat
A dedicated team with experience integrating with over 100 backend systems

API Integration
— POST/PUT Customers, Inventory, and Style Master in real-time
— Get orders in real-time and mark them as exported
— API documentation with sample Request/Response in XML and JSON
Powerful validation rules to prevent import errors

Flat File Integration
— Import your Customers, Inventory, and Styles data in real-time via Excel, TXT, or CSV file formats
— Build an Orders export template with our customer flat file builder to match your export needs
— Orders export can be generated on a set schedule output to an FTP/SFTP directory
Flat File documentation includes all field and functionalities
Validation rules can be created for both inbound and outbound data to ensure accuracy

JOOR Integrated Partners

We pride ourselves on top tier technology standards for our integration partners—all backend systems and brands must adhere in order to be considered for integration with JOOR. The systems below have partnered with JOOR to deliver the smoothest and most efficient integration experience to our mutual clients. If you’re interested in partnering with JOOR, please reach out to

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