JOOR Integration: Wholesale Data Visibility Across Your Entire Fashion Business

JOOR integrates with 100+ ERPs, as well as a wide range of POS systems, accounting software, and PLMs to provide a streamlined flow of wholesale order data to your existing systems.

What makes JOOR the industry-leading wholesale fashion platform

Comprehensive Documentation: Easy-to-follow guides support you through the integration process.

Secure Data Transfers: SSL encryption ensures secure and reliable data transfers.

24/7 Data Support: Access support anytime via phone, email, and live chat.

Dedicated Integration Team: Benefit from a dedicated team with experience integrating with over 100 backend systems.

JOOR Integration Made Simple

JOOR integration streamlines fashion brands' operations, removing errors and enhancing efficiency. Our dedicated team and prebuilt integrations ensure seamless data connections between JOOR's B2B platform and ERPs, POS systems, and PLMs.


  • Streamlined Workflows: Seamlessly connect design, production, inventory management, order processing, and shipment data
  • Cost Savings: Eliminate the need for manual data uploads, reducing operational costs
  • Easy to Integrate:  Over 100 pre-built ERP integrations available
  • High-Volume Data Expertise: Our integration team has 10+ years of experience handling large sets of complex data from enterprise brands and retailers

JOOR's Integration Types

API Integration

JOOR's API Integration ensures seamless connectivity, linking wholesale management with ERPs for streamlined processes and real-time precision

Real-Time Updates

  • POST/PUT Customers, Inventory, and Style Master in real-time, ensuring the latest data is always available
  • Effortlessly receive orders in real time and mark them as exported

Documentation and Validation

  • API documentation with sample Request/Response in XML and JSON
  • Powerful validation rules to prevent import errors

Flat File Integration

Perfect for smaller fashion businesses without ERP systems, JOOR’s Flat File Integration simplifies wholesale data management within the JOOR platform.

Real-Time Import

  • Import Customer, Inventory, and Style data in real time via Excel, TXT, or CSV

Customizable Export

  • Build and tailor your Orders export template with our user-friendly flat file builder, matching your export needs
  • Schedule exports to designated FTP/SFTP directories, automating your workflow

Detailed Documentation

  • Access comprehensive Flat File documentation covering all fields and functionalities
  • Implement validation rules for both inbound and outbound data, ensuring accuracy at every step

JOOR Integrated Partners

JOOR boasts over 100 custom pre-built APIs, making us the fashion wholesale platform with the most ERP and custom pre-built API integrations. With over 10 years in the fashion wholesale business, we take pride in our wide breadth of integration partners. The systems below are just some of the data systems we are integrated with to deliver the smoothest and most efficient wholesale management experience. 

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