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Wholesale Data Can Help Reveal New Marketplaces, As They Develop

September 19, 2019

The industry’s current growth story isn’t sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat. The macro view suggests stable or slowed growth in both emerging and mature apparel markets for 2018-2019. Global JOOR ecosystem data1, however, fills in some details--and adds some spills and thrills. In fact, for the same time period, certain developing and recovering regions show a spike in GMV.

 Striking growth in the African Continent

For example, with the exception of its central region, the African continent in particular demonstrates striking growth: the more developed South African market tops the list with a 69% 2018-2019 increase, with the West, East, and North African regions following at 57%, 53% and 43% respectively.  (Others have noted this developing plot line as well.)  

 Emerging South America Markets

Emerging South American markets (e.g. Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Peru) also show impressive potential, as do recovering markets in Southeastern and Southern Europe. Emerging markets in Eastern Europe and Western and Central Asia (e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc., 30-35%) also show high GMV for the same time period. 

So what’s an entrepreneurial brand or retailer with a taste for great narrative to do? Check out JOOR’s latest trend edit. Get the full story here.

 1 Wholesale data collected from the JOOR Global Platform of 8600+ brands in 53 categories and 200,000+ retail locations in 144 countries; for the months of Jan-April of each year; by season. Calculations: 

Cost per style = Wholesale Total/Number of Styles Sold

Cost per order = Wholesale Total/Number of Orders

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