The Importance of Data Standardization Across the Industry

September 8, 2021

As more retailers and brands rely on digitalized tools for assortment buying and feedback, the need for consistent and searchable data has never been more important. JOOR develops the technology that helps to standardize data for all parties, creating greater efficiency and adding valuable insights to decision making. 

Data standardization is a topic of increasing importance across the fashion industry today, especially as digital showrooms become the norm and more brands plan to continue conducting market virtually. The main objective in standardizing data is to arrive at consistent, clear, and uniform information, allowing employees organization-wide to search, analyze, and use the data to improve processes and inform decision making. This is especially true for retailers and brands as they rely more on digitized tools and insights for assortment buying and feedback. 

Thankfully, the buying process has advanced lightyears since the days of scribbled notes in a catalogue, and with today’s technology, we have successfully created  uniform standards that can increase a brand’s shopability, and give buyers the transparency and ease to make assortment buying even more efficient. 

Many retailers appreciate that JOOR’s platform allows brands to easily input their line sheets and presents them in a standardized way—this creates a unified approach when comparing and building assortments across brands, making the buying process much more efficient and robust. 

Another benefit to standardization is that it allows for improved data intelligence and insights, offering stakeholders the ability to slice and dice data as they see fit. Seeing which products are most searched for, most opened, and have the most repeat clicks is invaluable for brands—this type of information would never be possible to glean from an in-person showroom. Even in a digital platform, this functionality requires the proper tagging and data to back it up. 

At JOOR, we leverage technology to create standardization for the benefit of both brands and retailers. One example is the use of AI for image attribution, which helps create consistency when tagging descriptive terms for imagery. For example, while brands may choose to use the word ebony, coal, or ink to describe the color black, advanced technology can identify and assign the common attribute of black so that the item accurately surfaces in search results. The result is standardized data for enhanced functionality, while still maintaining flexibility for brands to express themselves in their own unique way.

As the need for standardized data grows, we are providing the innovative features and processes that create clean, uniform data for all parties. One of the great benefits of technology is accessibility to data, and here at JOOR we want to unlock its full potential for your business. 

For questions about how JOOR can help you gain access to invaluable data to improve efficiency and drive better decision making, please contact your customer success agent.

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