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August 31, 2023

The Benefits of Using Wholesale Fashion Software for Your Brand

Ambitious brands are turning to wholesale fashion software in increasing numbers for a range of reasons as they battle to grow their visibility, scale at speed, and future-proof their wholesale processes. A software platform like JOOR can help you!

The Benefits of Using Wholesale Fashion Software for Your Brand
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The Benefits of Using Wholesale Fashion Software for Your Brand

Taking a small and mid-market fashion brand through the next stage of its growth cycle isn’t easy. If you’re tasked with developing and executing sales strategies, identifying new opportunities, and building strong relationships with existing key customers, how many of these challenges do you recognise?

  • You need wider access to distributors and retailers
  • You need to elevate your brand’s visibility and forge links and relationships with major retailers around the world
  • You need the right tools for sales operation scalability
  • You need to implement standardized and effective sales processes

At first glance, these challenges may appear too complex to be closely related. However, they’re all linked. Because what you’re actually looking for is the successful optimization of your wholesale processes. Optimization that future-proofs your business and helps you achieve your short-, medium- and long-term objectives.

In this article, you’ll discover the key reasons brands are turning to wholesale fashion software to solve these problems, streamline their operations, and power their growth.

Enhance Efficiency and Scale Growth with Your Wholesale Fashion Management System

Three Major Benefits of Using Wholesale Fashion Software 

Overseeing the digital transformation of an entire brand might seem daunting. But for savvy and ambitious brands looking to get a step ahead of their competition, it is the only logical step likely to pay significant dividends.

Brands like American Vintage, Brodie Cashmere, and Loake use wholesale fashion software because they’ve seen and experienced the results it can generate.

 As a growing small or mid-market fashion brand, this type of software can offer three significant advantages to your business:

1.The ability to unlock a larger network of retailers

When your brand recognition is comparatively low, opening doors with larger retailers can at times feel like a futile task. Without that visibility, you struggle to attract the attention of the big players. But without a presence in the large retailers, it can be hard to get that recognition. Your wholesale fashion software platform can put an end to that spiral of frustration.

- Removing geographical barriers:

Brands no longer need bulging contacts books, extensive travel budgets or unlimited marketing resources. Wholesale fashion software serves as a bridge between fashion brands and retailers across the globe. 

“We’ve been saving about four million kroners on traveling and showroom costs, and our order increase has been quite dramatic since we jumped on JOOR.” - Holzweiler 

By leveraging the right tools to connect, you can step over geographical barriers and match with retailers from all over the world. Take JOOR for example, we have a network of 600,000 buyers in more than 150 countries. 

This global outreach allows you to explore new markets, reach untapped customer segments, and expand your footprint beyond borders. Now, a small boutique label in New York can effortlessly connect with a retailer in Tokyo or a fashion-forward business in London, all with just a few clicks.

“We onboarded with JOOR only six months ago and that was a great experience for us walking into a platform that has a serious global reach. We are interacting with bigger global partners [as well as those at] the boutique level. When we started, we [had] around 500-600 partners, and out of those partners 90% of them already were connected to JOOR. We basically made life easier for our clients and for ourselves.” - Stand Studio  

Global expansion also requires seamless transactions that account for different currencies and languages. We’ve created solutions for multi-currency transactions, allowing brands to conduct business in a variety of monetary units with ease. 

Additionally, we support multiple languages, enabling efficient communication between brands and retailers, irrespective of their native languages. This inclusivity breaks language barriers and fosters stronger business relationships.

- A vast network of retailers:

One of the most significant advantages of using a leading wholesale fashion software platform is the sheer size of its retailer network. Brands can gain access to a diverse and extensive pool of potential buyers and retail partners. By tapping into this network, you can increase your visibility and sales opportunities significantly. Here are some useful stats to highlight the power of using a wholesale fashion management platform in creating great commercial connections. .  

In 2022 alone, JOOR facilitated more than 340,000 new connections between brands and retailers.

- Embracing digital-first wholesale processes:

Wholesale fashion software is at the forefront of driving digital transformation in the fashion industry. With the rise of ecommerce and technology-enabled processes, many major retailers are shifting towards digital-first wholesale processes.

 By adopting wholesale fashion software, brands position themselves at the forefront, ensuring that they remain relevant and accessible to retailers embracing the digital future.

Thomas Lecoq, Global Sales Director at Ganni, says: “Now it’s very much about digital experience. JOOR is a very good example of that. JOOR has been a great tool for us in the showroom, both during and after the season. Not only is it helping brands, but it’s also helping retailers work better together.”

- Support for emerging designers and brands:

For emerging designers and brands, breaking into the wholesale market has historically been challenging. Wholesale fashion software democratizes access, allowing smaller brands to showcase their collections to a wider audience, regardless of their physical location or marketing budget. This democratization of wholesale fashion levels the playing field, giving up-and-coming designers an equal opportunity to shine and succeed on a global stage.

2. The ability to grow with scalable sales tools, presentation tools, and standardized processes

If you have difficulty scaling sales operations to meet increasing demand and support business growth, or challenges in effectively showcasing products and collections to drive sales and reach new customers, look for software with all the tools you need.

- Showcase products effectively:

One of the primary challenges for fashion brands is showcasing their products to potential retailers in a visually compelling and professional manner. Technology has made it a lot easier to create an impactful brand experience for buyers. 

First, it removes any worries about ineffective product presentations losing you sales opportunities and making it harder to attract and retain the leading retailers. In just a few clicks, you can create an elevated virtual showroom that drives orders with beautifully branded and curated content, imagery and videos. Using software like JOOR, personalized walkthroughs of your latest collections can be shared directly with buyers, with high resolution and hyper realistic images giving retailers the confidence to buy. This professional product presentation and merchandising is critical for reaching your next growth target.

Brands can now create immersive digital spaces that allow buyers to browse through their products as if they were physically present in a showroom. This virtual experience not only saves time and resources for both brands and retailers but also enhances the overall buying experience, leading to increased engagement and potential sales.

- Seamless order handling and processing:

Managing and processing orders effectively is essential for smooth operations. By streamlining and automating ordering on a single dedicated platform such as JOOR, brands can track order status, manage inventory levels, and fulfill customer demands promptly. 

This seamless order processing not only reduces errors but also enhances customer satisfaction and fosters long-term relationships with retailers. It also enables you to receive payments and manage orders with ease. 

- Access to valuable sales data and actionable insights:

In the digital era, data has become the lifeblood of any successful business, and the fashion industry is no exception. 

JOOR, for example, provides access to real-time sales data that reveals insights and buying trends; easily generates custom reports and saves time with turnkey reporting; and uncovers opportunities for new and repeat purchases. It makes collaboration with sellers more efficient and helps you tell your brand story more effectively.

By analyzing trends, sales performance, and customer preferences, brands can make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies and offerings. 

This data-driven approach empowers you to stay ahead of market trends, forecast demand more accurately, and make informed decisions that drive growth.

“We saw a 16% sales increase over last year for our first week on JOOR.” - Lilly Pulitzer

- Effortless collaboration and enhanced efficiency:

Collaboration between brands and retailers is crucial for mutual success. Your wholesale fashion software platform should facilitate seamless coordination, enabling real-time communication and interaction between both parties. 

Brands can share digital lookbooks, line sheets, and product information instantly, while retailers can place orders and provide feedback efficiently. This enhanced collaboration not only strengthens relationships but also improves overall efficiency in the wholesale process.

- Improved cash flow management:

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and managing it effectively is vital for sustainable growth. Wholesale fashion software, such as JOOR, offers features like JOOR Pay, which provides faster payment options. This accelerates the payment cycle for brands, enabling them to manage their finances more effectively and reinvest capital into growth opportunities. 

By maintaining healthy cash flow, brands can invest in marketing, product development, and market expansion, fueling their journey to success.

3. The ability to enjoy improved efficiency and reduced costs

Many growing brands suffer from inefficient order management processes that can lead to stockouts, increased costs, and reduced customer satisfaction. By having a standardized wholesale process that puts all relevant data in one place, you’re enabled to improve your efficiency, consistently ensure you’re not over- or underselling, reduce order errors, and better plan both production and delivery schedules.

- Centralized wholesale management platform:

Wholesale fashion software provides a centralized platform that streamlines various aspects of the wholesale process. This centralization eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems and manual data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving overall efficiency. 

- Efficient order management and inventory control:

Inefficient order management can lead to stockouts, increased costs, and dissatisfied customers. Software can automate the order management process, from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring accuracy and timely execution. With JOOR, you can monitor inventory levels in real-time, enabling better inventory control and preventing the risk of excess stock or missed sales opportunities.

“JOOR is changing our lives! With short deadlines imposed on the sales team, JOOR allows us to instantly capture and finalize orders to start the production in time.” - Loewe

- Software integration

Wholesale fashion software can often be integrated with other platforms, such as ERP systems to help drive streamlined processes. This integration allows for easy data uploads, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and synchronized across different platforms. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, brands can save time and resources, improving efficiency and accuracy.

- Actionable insights for informed decision making:

Data analytics is a game-changer in the modern business landscape. 

Software such as JOOR provides brands with actionable insights and analytics based on sales data and customer behavior. These insights empower brands to make informed decisions regarding product assortment, pricing strategies, and market trends.

Armed with such data-driven knowledge, you can position your brand strategically in the market and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

- Faster and more efficient sales processes:

Your wholesale fashion software platform can accelerate the sales process, from product showcasing to order placement and payment processing. 

For example - On JOOR, retailers can browse collections virtually, place orders with a few clicks, and make payments using streamlined payment methods such as JOOR Pay. This efficiency not only enhances the buying experience for retailers but also enables brands to close deals faster.

- Cost savings and increased business efficiency:

By centralizing operations, automating processes, and accessing valuable data insights, wholesale fashion software leads to cost savings and increased business efficiency. Brands can reduce manual labor and administrative tasks, allowing team members to focus on more strategic activities that drive growth. 

Moreover, streamlined operations and faster order processing contribute to overall cost reduction, positively impacting the bottom line.

Transform Your Wholesale Fashion Business with JOOR's Software Solution

Find the Right Wholesale Fashion Software for Your Brand

Ambitious brands are turning to wholesale fashion software in increasing numbers for a range of reasons as they battle to grow their visibility, scale at speed, and future-proof their wholesale processes. A software platform like JOOR can help you:

  • Capitalize on the breadth of its global network of brands and retailers
  • Conduct your selling on a powerful, unified platform
  • Work with any buyer, in any system, using flexible data and agnostic buying tools
  • Benefit from streamlined, real-time data exchange with all your buyers

Our significant customer service investments also provide ongoing confidence, with average chat support response times of just 14 seconds and emails on average responded to in just 3.6 hours. Perhaps that’s why we reported a 96% customer satisfaction rating in 2022 – and why we’re confident we could help you achieve your ambitions, too.

“Customer support on JOOR has been phenomenal. Our onboarding process was seamless, and not only did we receive in-depth hands-on training, but we were also introduced to new features that we were previously unaware of.” - Wynn Hamlyn

Book a demo of the JOOR system today and see what you could achieve.

Tina Baxter
JOOR Fashion Consultant
The Benefits of Using Wholesale Fashion Software for Your Brand

Looking to boost your fashion wholesale sales? What are the key strategies? Learn more in our new guide.

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