Unleash the Power of Data for Fashion Brands

Seamlessly designed for fashion businesses, JOOR’s Reporting and Analytics solution provides unparalleled insights and analytics into brands' wholesale performance, customer preferences, and market trends.


Drive informed business decisions with JOOR’s Reporting and Analytics

Custom reports

Profile visits 

Data file exports 

Order performance metrics 

Geography filters

Sales by retailer 

Inventory tracking

Production reports

Easy-to-read graphs 

In-platform dashboards

Customize Your Data Insights

Whether your business is ready-to-wear or made-to-order, craft reports that align with your brand's unique wholesale needs, gaining the insights that matter most to you

  • Empower your sales team to create fully customizable sales, production, and style reports with just a few clicks 
  • Easily export custom reports to be shared across your entire organization to drive impactful business strategies 

Real-time Order Reporting 

Gain enhanced visibility into in-progress orders, ensuring comprehensive tracking and management

  • Easily run allocation and budget reports for all orders, ensuring you hit your sales targets 
  • Understand the assortment breakdown of in-progress orders early on in the process, helping you adjust your production schedule to meet demand 

Key Metrics at a Glance with JOOR Snapshot

Access essential data points in easy-to-read charts and graphs on your homepage

  • Visual and engaging performance metrics charts, so you can see at a glance how your business is performing
  • Customize your widgets and filters by order date, retailer, linesheet, season, and sales rep

Expand Your Network with JOOR’s Discovery Tools

See which retailers have viewed and favorited your JOOR profile to maximize leads

  • View profile visits from both connected and unconnected retailers, helping you understand your current customers and acquire new ones 
  • Track which retailers have favorited your profile to improve outreach strategies 
Wholesale, reinvented
Success Stories
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform

We no longer need to ask retailers what is a best seller for them. We can just use JOOR’s reporting tools to see best-sellers by region. This information is invaluable as we can swiftly relay it to our production team, enabling us to meet the demand and produce more of the popular styles.

JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
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