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Successfully Upselling to Buyers with JOOR

March 13, 2020

An interactive client base is essential for your wholesale business, however, are you fully taking advantage of your own knowledge when it comes to maximizing sales? With JOOR, upselling can become a seamlessly integrated part of your day-to-day business if you use the right tools at the right time. No one understands your buyers more than you, so let us show you how you can leverage that knowledge and upsell to your buyers on JOOR.

Provide Value by Sharing Curated Linesheets with Buyers

You understand your clientele, who their consumer is, and what trends they look for. For instance, you might have buyers who only sell sustainably sourced clothing, or perhaps you have buyers who only sell your accessories line. JOOR’s platform makes it easy and seamless to properly target and sell to various segments across the industry with curated linesheets.

The ‘How to Upsell to Buyers’ article talks about presenting buyers with ideas, events, and trends that would appeal to them. If there is a trendy upcoming event, perhaps mention it during a follow-up call or email. If you have a list of buyers who like to consistently buy available to sell (ATS), send them updated linesheets with live inventory levels to expedite their purchasing decision. Offer a fast turnaround on such orders by providing buyers with an easy way to pay with JOOR invoicing.

Stay Connected and Accessible 

On JOOR you have access to your buyers 24/7/365 as they do to you. Staying connected and accessible will help build the relationship between you and your retail partners ensuring trust and reliability. Having an established digital wholesale presence that is frequently updated keeps your brand top of mind when retailers browse at their leisure. 

When communicating to your retailers, it’s important to always provide value. By doing your research and spending time understanding their previous orders, you arm yourself with the appropriate insights to be data-informed and not data-led

Think about leveraging JOOR’s reporting suite to pull customizable reports to ensure your communication is deliberate and makes sense for the retailer. Top reports used by brands on JOOR include the sales summary report, style detail or best sellers report and our production report. 

When Upselling, Combine Art with Science

Before an upsell can happen, ask yourself-- if you were on the other side would you purchase what was recommended? Is it relevant? Timely? How does it tie into their current or previous purchases? JOOR makes these tasks easy for brands, providing them with the capability to interact with buyers through the bulk follow up action on the Order List page.  

Upselling often gets a bad rap, but with the right nuance, it can be done in a way that shows value, not opportunism. Having access to data and trends is critical to applying the right tactics at the right time in wholesale. Not only does this increase the company’s overall revenue but also aids in customer retention. As long as you continue to provide your buyer with actionable and compelling insights, your conscientious upsell efforts will continue to be successful.

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