Streamlined Shopping—Enhancements Increase Flexibility of Catalog Pages

December 3, 2021

As more and more brands leverage catalog pages to place orders on JOOR, we work diligently to ensure the experience is as flexible and intuitive as possible. Our latest round of innovative enhancements will allow buyers to locate products quicker and create orders more efficiently, and enable brands and retailers to better assess products and evaluate orders during shopping appointments.

Check out the updates involved in the latest release below and ensure you’re getting the most out of your JOOR experience. 

Enhanced Grouping, Filtering, and Sorting

Enjoy better, faster, and more precise search. Filter by badge and price range, add groups by silhouette and badge, and sort products priced high to low or low to high

Bulk Search by Style ID

Find what you’re looking for faster. Note orders faster by easily surfacing all important styles with the ability to search for multiple styles

Imagery and Media Enhancements 

Enjoy an enhanced imagery viewing experience with an indication of styles with videos and 3D imagery, and one-click enlarging of images.

Infinite Scroll 

Looking for more? See all styles on the page without having to select “View More” or pre-load styles before an appointment. 

New Cart Modal 

Need details of your cart at a glance? Quickly view the number of products, product colors, and units currently in your cart. 

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