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Savvy Technology Partnerships Project JOOR Into New Dimensions

November 24, 2021

Over the years, JOOR has established thoughtful partnerships with a variety of innovative technologies that provide immersive in-platform experiences for clients, enhancing both the buying and the selling side of the transaction. These range from our long-standing relationships with digital hardware system HATCH and 360° image partner ORDRE, to exciting newer partnerships like those with VNTANA and iStaging. 

We’ve assembled this esteemed tech collective to bring you an array of best-in-class solutions integrated into our singular platform—from the vivid imagery and videos you shop, to the advanced search functionality you're going to love. Read below for a closer look into each of these platforms and how they contribute to JOOR’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital wholesale.


Hatch is both a software and hardware system that allows brands to showcase their full catalog of products digitally for discussion in a showroom/space.

How does it work? 
What are the benefits?


Customers can display their high-resolution, rotating 360° digital images and videos within the JOOR platform to give buyers a more detailed understanding of the product.

For Brands:

Images are produced by mobile units that capture images quickly and cost effectively within your showroom or studio and then uploaded into your JOOR account. 

For Retailers:

ORB360 imaging offers superior product representation through greater detail of fabrication and stitching. Complete looks offer inspiration for building your assortment.

“A partnership formed in a pandemic and founded on digital innovation has unlocked a new vision for JOOR clients. Buyers can now view products in 360 degrees using ORB360’s unique video and image technology—ensuring all aspects and details are completely understood when placing orders virtually. This is a partnership we are very proud of.” -  Simon P. Lock, FOUNDER & CEO of ORDRE


Recently backed by tech titans Mark Cuban and others, VNTANA is a SaaS platform that makes 3D eCommerce fast and easy at scale, which has proven to double conversion rates and increase cart size by 60%.

The patented optimization algorithms in VNTANA’s 3D CMS allow brands like Hugo Boss, Deckers Brands, and Diesel to use their existing 3D models to instantly create high-fidelity, fast-loading 3D assets that are automatically optimized for use across the web, social media, advertising, game-engines, and more. Just like Vimeo and YouTube made it easy to share and embed video, VNTANA makes it easy for brands across fashion, footwear, furniture, tools, and more to share and embed 3D and AR for sales and marketing use.

Brands are starting to move digitization upstream into their product development life-cycle. What this means is brands are designing in 3D, and using these 3D samples in place of the traditional cloth samples. This integration provides brands the opportunity to present digital samples in a digital showroom and make live update changes to samples without having to produce another physical sample, creating a more sustainable and efficient way to connect the product development life-cycle with the selling process.

This feature will allow for our brands that are already designing in 3D to present their 3D products on JOOR in an integration similar to ORB360.

How does it work?

1.  Create a 3D web viewer with built in AR in VNTANA with:
2. Select your 3D styles to instantly embed on JOOR with relevant product details included.
3. Seamlessly share these 3D assets with retailers using JOOR’s digital catalogue and virtual showrooms.


iStaging is a 3D showroom integration for brands to bring their showroom to life digitally. Brands are able to present their 3D iStaging Showroom to retailers via JOOR , and retailers are able to shop the 3D showroom, add to cart, quantify  and checkout on JOOR. Brands can also display shoppable iStaging Showrooms on The Edit. 

When companies leverage JOOR’s advanced technology partnerships, the entire wholesale ecosystem benefits. From reduced sample production and increased sustainability, to a more accurate and refined shopping experience, JOOR holds the keys to the future of the industry.

Global reach, innovative technology, seamless order management—the future of digital wholesale is JOOR. Click here to learn more and see it in action today.

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