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Reimagining JOOR's Brand

August 22, 2019

JOOR VP, Marketing Amy Vale, and Head of UX, Consuelo Ruybal talk about the JOOR rebrand and the journey of how it came to be.

It’s a very exciting time to be a marketer.  New opportunities emerge daily--especially around digital--for companies of all sizes and in all stages. With all of this possibility, one common issue that can occur with startups--whether B2B, B2C or D2C—is that the investment in building a brand can be easily deprioritized.  And that’s understandable. The ROI pressure is real. Often, marketers lean hard into performance-led marketing to show growth in the immediate term. And that works for a while. But that approach grows one-time sales—not relationships with the sales rep let alone the company itself.

When teams invest the time to identify and shape a resonant brand, however, it can bring a startup to the next level of growth. To forge that long-lasting emotional connection with customers, marketers must never lose sight of their audience—who the company exists to serve and solve problems for. And not just in the product they’re building and selling, but in the experience they want to create. When businesses can build and leverage this, they deliver to their fullest potential. 

For instance, the wholesale and retail industry are going through a monumental digital transformation right now and are looking to remove complexity, not add to it. Any change in how they operate their business has to be viable and efficient—in other words, easy, simple, and thoughtful. That’s just what JOOR is.  And that’s just the brand we have worked to create.

Building emotional connection in a digital age

JOOR is a brand that has not gone through any real evolution since its inception. And that situation is interesting to navigate because directions are limitless—especially in fashion, the space we have worked in for so long, which is always evolving.  

In an era of rapid change, and in an industry that is constantly changing, figuring out how to be simultaneously timeless and relevant was , of‌ ‌course, the big challenge we had to solve. So we set out to create a brand that was classic and beautiful, not necessarily “cool”.  The depth and breadth of our clientele demanded an approach that appealed to a wider audience. 

The logo had to express user-centered design, our vision for the future and our constant observation of the present.  Our choices around color, fonts, and graphics needed to translate the energy we bring to our solutions, the joy we feel about customer service and the excitement we have about transforming an industry. And that’s just where we landed. A visual expression of our business that feels fresh and contemporary, yet timeless and classic all at once. 

Core messaging, real value, and experiencing the brand

Every brand needs a core emotional message.  A message that articulates the heart of the product, the mission of the company, and governs every touch the user has throughout the brand experience. 

For JOOR, this defining concept is ‘accessible’ and ‘smooth’.  And the motivation here goes back to the audience, and its challenges and needs. When something is constantly changing around you, it can become intimidating. Like technology. To genuinely reflect JOOR’s product and mission, we needed to make it possible for everyone to access the brand.  So it would feel smooth, smart and simple—the same way that the product works, and the company operates. Not complicated, not at all like professional software that takes years to master, but like the kind of experience you can pick up at any time—even if you haven't used it in a while.  Something you can easily access and integrate into your business to immediately extract value. For people that come into contact with the company--clients, prospects and the industry at large--the experience must communicate these values at every turn, and help the people and businesses we serve imagine themselves using the platform in this way. Users need to believe, through the brand, that we can help them take that transformative step.

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