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New, Seamless Shopping Experience

May 4, 2020

With the new catalog page, you will now have the ability to easily shop across linesheets with enhanced filtering, grouping features, scrolling, and searching.

The newly improved catalog page provides you with more flexibility to find products quicker and to create orders faster than previously. The new catalog page allows you to freely shop across your entire catalog without having to select from a specific linesheet.

If you’d like to learn more about the Product Detail Model, please click here. Also, if you need a refreshing on how to start an order, click here.

Page Header

Now on the catalog page, you’ll be able to see the name of the retailer, their customer code, and the number of styles selected in the page header when you start an order.  Also, if you selected a Door, the Door will appear in the pager header as well.

If you have an order level minimum requirement set, under the Price Type in the header, you’ll see the message Minimum Required. You’ll be able to hover your cursor over the Minimum Required text, a text box will appear letting you view the order level minimums.

Note: If the order minimum requirement detail is not filled out, the text box will not appear, and only the fields that are filled out will appear.


You’ll be able to filter the catalog page by six different filters: linesheet, season, linesheet delivery window, price types, inventory availability, and category. Now you’ll be able to filter by multiple filters at once.  

You can filter by:

1. Linesheet:

Filtering by linesheet will allow you to select multiple linesheets. When filtering by multiple linesheets, each linesheet will have its own header including the linesheet’s name and delivery window.

2. Season:

You’ll be able to filter by multiple seasons at once. When you filter by a season, all the linesheets that are assigned to that season will be displayed. 

Note: There must be at least one current linesheet the season isassigned in order to appear in the dropdown.

3. Linesheet Delivery Window:

You’ll be able to filter by the linesheet delivery window on the catalog page. You’ll be able to view all the linesheets that share that delivery window. When you filter by linesheet delivery windows, if the start ship date is the same but the complete ship date is different, they will appear as separate selectable dates.

Fitlers - linesheet delivery window

 4. Price Type:

Starting an order will now include all styles on a linesheet no matter which price type is selected at the start of the order. If a style does not include the selected price type then Not available in selected currency will be displayed in red text.

You will only be able to view the style, you will not be able to view and quantify the style to your order.

Fitlers - price type


When you filter by Price Types you’ll be able to filter out the styles that do not have the currency assigned to them by clicking Exclude Unavailable Styles. This filter allows you to only see products that you can add to your order.

filters - exclude unavailable styles

5. Inventory Availability:

Inventory units will be displayed under Units Available for each style. The number of units available will be a total for all the colors under that style, across all warehouses to your specific retailer.

filters- inventory availability

If a linesheet has been marked as Made to Order = Yes, then the units available for the styles will be displayed as Made to Order. Also, if no inventory is listed at all, then it is displayed as Made to Order as well.

If a style has 0 or negative quantities available, then it is displayed in red with Sold Out.

Filtering by  Inventory Availability, you’ll be able to filter out styles/style-colors that no or negative inventory units available. Once Exclude sold out styles is applied, styles that have no units or negative units across all colors will have a gray Sold Out overlay applied to them.

filters - exclude sold out styles

Note: If a specific color is sold out, the color swatch will have a slash through it and will say Sold Out. The entire product card will not be covered.

 Group By

You’ll be able to group your styles by both Style Tags and linesheets. Once a style tag is selected, products will be grouped by the different tags within each linesheet group. 

Group by

Note: Tag Grouping will appear in a gray banner under the linesheet

Endless Scrolling

 On the catalog page, you will no longer have to click between different pages to load your styles. You’ll now have endless scrolling which will load 30 styles at a time when you click View More.

endless scrolling

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