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Latest Brand Product Enhancements on JOOR

October 1, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been working hard to deliver innovative product enhancements for our brands to help ensure a successful fall market. Based on feedback from our customers, we’re introducing a range of improvements designed to help showcase your brand, make new connections, and increase orders.

Checkout our latest need-to-know product enhancements on JOOR:

Better Sharing, Shopping, & Personalization with The Edit

The Edit has multiple new features providing Pro Plus Brands with a more flexible and customizable experience. Filter, sort, and view pricing or use enriched text and a flexible canvas to enhance the shopping experience. Brands will also have the ability to download a PDF file of their Collections, showcase theirCollections in presentation mode, and reorder the pages of theirCollections. 

Sort It Out 

Users can now sort columns on the Saved Looks and Styleboards list page by ascending and descending order by clicking the column header.

Add a Filter

Two new filters have been added to the Styleboard list page—Filter by Created Date and Filter by Last Modified Date—to enhance the shopping experience.

On the Menu

A new dropdown menu has been added to both Set the Look and Styleboard, allowing brands and retailers to select a price type, in order to view the pricing for included products. Pricing will be included in the product detail modal popup.


Let’s Share 

Share Collections in person, in print, or digitally using tokenized links or PDF exports via the Get Publicly Accessible Link button. Brands can also share their curated looks and saved Collections with the addition of an Export PDF button on the dashboard.

Present the Look

Saved looks will now have the option to be shared in full-screen presentation mode via a Present button. Using The Edit, present a curated virtual clothing rack to tailor the immersive experience for each user, maximizing the impact of your Collections.

Get Organized 

Organize your Collections with page ordering, creating a cohesive story across your Styleboard with a new option, Move Page. This allows users to easily reorder their saved Set the Look pages.

Enhance Storytelling with Custom Profile 

Personalization is the key to success when attracting new customers to your brand. Show casing your message, color palette, and imagery is essential to portraying your brand identity in the digital space. Custom Profile allows you to add interactive content, create multiple page experiences, utilize flexible page editing and sharing, plus easy sidebar navigation that helps you customize the page. Drag and drop templates to build a personalized page directly on the platform that will catch buyers’ attention without the need for graphic design work.

As part of our September updates, brands can now add multiple pages to theirCustom Profiles to create a micro-site experience. This enhanced personalization has a multitude of benefits to increase your brand’s visibility and provide opportunities to tell your story such as:

·      Updated side navigation to consolidate action options

·       Online/Offline modes for every page allows brands to control what and when they publish

·       Creation of pages that not included in the navigation bar to be linked through images or text

Better Access and Assess Products on the Catalog Page

The latest catalog enhancements will allow users to locate products quicker and easier, so they can continue creating orders faster — keeping the shopping experience flexible and easy.

Check out the latest additions to the catalog page:

·       Bulk Search by style

Speed up the time spent locating products with this new feature, which allows searched products to appear multiple times if they live on multiple linesheets. Searching for multiple styles at once will allow you to quickly locate specific styles, so you can note orders quicker. For a step-by-step run down, visit our help center article on this update HERE.

·       Image & Media Enhancements

This includes an icon indicating Orb360 imagery & the ability to easily enlarge images &videos

·       Warehouse & PriceType Selectors, Infinite Scroll

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