JOOR Simplifies Order Payments for Pro Brands

February 13, 2020

JOOR Payments plays a key role in optimizing your business and its needs, enabling users to take advantage of JOOR’s industry-leading all-in-one wholesale platform. The result: your brand can now capture orders, send invoices and receive payments, all in one place. Setup is a breeze. It’s just another way that we’re making wholesale smooth, smart and simple. Log in and set up JOOR Payments today.

 Payments at a Glance

According to JOOR customer insights, brands today spend nearly 40% of their time post-market on tedious tasks, including chasing payment information and unpaid invoices. This takes attention away from competing priorities and time better spent on other initiatives. Now with JOOR Payments, brands can enjoy features that will not only reduce their administrative burden but also help streamline their overall payment process and workflow tremendously. 

Brand reps are constantly busy working with their retailers to help them choose the right products and items across seasons. Whether it’s sending updated linesheets, modifying existing orders, placing re-orders, etc., reps have their hands full, ensuring their retailers are satisfied and keep coming back. JOOR’s bulk invoicing functionality significantly reduces the time spent contacting individual retailers via email or phone. By invoicing multiple retailers at once, what may have taken significant time can be accomplished in seconds. In addition, filters such as payment and invoice status have been added to allow for easy follow-up. 

Thinking about expanding your footprint to go global? Do you operate internationally?

JOOR Payments can help brands grow with their business and work with more retailers around the world, simply starting with accepting credit card payments in 135 different currencies. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover card payments are all acceptable forms of payment from your retailers regardless of their location. Payment by credit card is fast and easy - just as it should be. 

Improve cash flow by receiving deposits or partial payments. Keep your finances organized and in order to better forecast. Requesting deposits, down payments, or partial payments can help brands kickstart production. Partial payments can also be used to offset the initial risk when working with a new retailer/stockist or mitigate the credit risk of working with smaller retailers.

Ideally the little free time that brand reps have should not be spent tracking and chasing unpaid orders. JOOR Payments plays a key role in giving brands the ability to track the status of every order in the blink of an eye. Reps can then easily follow-up with their retailers to ensure payments will be made in a timely manner.  

"This is a great feature! We are really excited to have the invoice tool on JOOR. It is such a game-changer for our business growth when we can secure timely payments."

Brand Development Associate, Hannah Paul from Tribe Alive

This exciting new feature is available for all JOOR Pro brands at no additional charge. 

Learn more about JOOR’s partnership with Stripe or log in and set up JOOR Payments today.

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