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Client Support: We've Got You Covered.  Here's How

September 4, 2019

As your partner for smooth, smart wholesale technology, we pride ourselves on making the JOOR B2B wholesale platform intuitive and easy-to-use. And we want to make sure your support experience goes just as smoothly.  We understand your Client Success Manager has likely guided you through everything, from onboarding you to JOOR, to making sure your JOOR iPad app is ready for market. And your CSM will continue to stand by your side, just now on a more strategic level.  

For day-to-day how-to’s, may we present our product all-stars, JOOR Product Support--an entire team of platform experts dedicated to helping you as your product questions come up.  Because the key to getting the answers you need in the time frame you need them, is knowing who and how to ask.

Your go-to: the product support team

Think of the Product Support Team as your wholesale growth tour guides: there to ensure you have a seamless and straightforward experience with the platform, and to make panic a thing of the past.  JOOR’s Product Support Specialists can answer any and all questions. Some of the topics they love to tackle include:

·       Connections - Connecting to retailers, updating profiles, and more.

·       Linesheets and styles- Updating, editing, creating, duplicating, customizing.

·       Orders and inventory- Moving and updating orders, exporting, data upload, error-handling and discrepancies. 

·       Reporting - From general how-to’s, to reconciliation.

·       And pretty much anything else--Such as  syncing ipads, solving error messages, etc.. 

So go on, drop the Product Support Team a line. Solving your issue will make your Product Support Specialist’s day. Here’s how you can connect with them.

Choose your communication preference

Because each question has its own context and level of urgency, we offer several options to get in touch.  

1) Chat: for fast and immediate answers

Use JOOR’s chat when you need a response right away. With chat, you speak to a team member within 30 seconds or less. And you see the chat box up right next to the issue you are seeing on your ipad or computer--making it easy to describe your challenge. Chat also provides an answer in text form, which you can then copy and share with other members of your team.

2) Email: for more information and less urgent questions

Reach out to us at support@joor.com  if you have a more comprehensive question, and can receive your answer within a 24 hour time frame.  Email allows you to attach screenshots to give a more detailed picture, and usually results in quick and on-target solutions. The email response also gives you an asset you can forward to your team.  

3) Call: for quick requests and changes

Pick up the phone when you need help with a time-sensitive change like setting up before market. 

Diversified support means you get the most from your investment

Chances are, you’ve turned to your dedicated Client Success Manager in the past for help with the topics outlined above. Now, your CSM will spend more time working with you on strategic initiatives including annual goal-setting, training plans, and best practices to optimize your workflow, save costs and increase sales. This will ensure that your team is getting the most value from the JOOR platform. 

And, if your CSM is currently helping you with any  outstanding support issues, they will see that through to resolution (although moving forward, you will reach out to Product Support for that type of help).

Division of labor is a good thing, the Product Support Team will keep you running day-to-day, and your CSM will help you optimize the platform investment and partnership.   

There’s one thing that’s constant with great technology it’s going to constantly change. Your JOOR Product Support and Client Success teams will work together to make sure your change stays a reason to celebrate--an easy, seamless and thoughtful way to continually support your growth.  

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