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November 29, 2023

Connected Wholesale Fashion Management: The JOOR Advantage

Dive into the world of connected wholesale fashion with JOOR, the game-changer in the industry. From flexible order management to insightful data analytics, explore the three key ways JOOR propels connected wholesale growth.

Connected Wholesale Fashion Management: The JOOR Advantage
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Connected Wholesale Fashion Management: The JOOR Advantage

Navigating the complex world of wholesale fashion requires more than just great products—it demands a robust, connected management platform. This is where JOOR steps in, offering a comprehensive solution tailored for the unique demands of the fashion industry. 

In this blog, we'll explore how JOOR’s advanced technology, unparalleled network, and innovative tools empower brands like yours to streamline operations, expand globally, and make informed decisions. 

From robust order management to seamless integration and insightful data analysis, discover how JOOR is shaping the future of connected wholesale fashion management.

3 Ways JOOR Will Propel You to Connected Wholesale Growth

1. A platform designed to connect people, processes, and technologies

Each brand has its own wholesale needs, and JOOR brings a solution that can intuitively grow with you, equipped with advanced features for helping you expand both locally and globally. 

Here are just some of the many reasons why JOOR is the market-leading fashion wholesale management platform: 

Robust order management features: 

JOOR's system improves order processes with excellent tools like flexible linesheets, so you can present your products just the way you want. Quick checks on order amounts and an easy, but game-changing online checkout make selling much simpler, and automated order uploads boost how well your operations run.

Virtual showrooms–digital collection showcase: 

With JOOR's virtual showroom tool, you have a unique chance to present your collections in a compelling digital setting. This tool is not just easy to put together but can also create a memorable and engaging experience for your retailers.

Hybrid selling for greater flexibility:

We understand that being flexible in how you sell is critical to your success. Our modern iPad app lets you easily place orders in different settings, from relaxed meetings to busy tradeshows. This makes sure you can make the most of every chance to sell, both online and face-to-face.

Customization and cross-border transactions with JOOR Pay: 

Within the platform, you can set different currencies for each product. These price types let you decide which currencies your chosen retailers can see on their side. Retailers linked to you can only buy items in the currency you've assigned to them. JOOR Pay also makes dealing with money simpler, serving a wide range of international customers, giving you financial peace-of-mind.

Unmatched integration capabilities for seamless operations: 

The fact that the JOOR platform can work with more than 100 ERP systems and other business software, including Shopify, really raises the bar. This wide range of integrations means we can smoothly integrate with many other platforms and help you improve your existing supply chain, making it a suitable choice for various business sizes and approaches.

A user experience tailored for ease and efficiency: 

JOOR's platform is really designed to be easy-to-use. With simple drag-and-drop templates for designing virtual showrooms and flexible user settings, it's great for people with different levels of tech skills. This makes it both effortless and intuitive, cutting down on training time and helping more team members start using it.

In a nutshell, JOOR is designed to help you:

  • Show Off Your Brand: Display your collections in an engaging way that draws in retailers and boosts your presence in the market.

  • Make Operations More Efficient: Make your processes simpler, so you can concentrate on growing your business instead of getting stuck in complicated tasks.

  • Connect Easily with Your Software: Link up all your important software, making a more effective tech stack for your brand.

  • Make Smarter Decisions: Use the data from our platform to choose wisely when restocking, keep the right amount of inventory, and make sure popular items are available without making too much work.

It also prevents:

  • Inefficient Platform Integration: You can avoid the pitfalls of a platform that doesn't mesh well with your existing systems.

  • Operational Inefficiencies: Reduce operational drag and streamline processes.

  • Errors: Minimize mistakes often brought on by manual entries.

  • Increased Operational Costs: This is a winner - cut down on unnecessary expenses by optimizing your wholesale operations.

2. How JOOR helps provide a unified view of data

JOOR offers connected data and analytics features that help brands gain insights into their performance, customer preferences, and market trends. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize operations.

We are constantly collecting data from wholesale orders placed as well as user activity to create a connected source of valuable information for brands utilizing the platform, available via our reporting suite. 

JOOR's Reporting Suite for data and analytics aims to turn plain data into actionable information, helping you with your planning strategies and staying in tune with the market.

Pre-built reporting for immediate insights: 

We offer 13 different ready-made reports, each carefully designed to help with different aspects of running your wholesale fashion brand. These reports include everything from keeping an eye on orders that are being processed to managing inventory in detail, helping you make quick and smart decisions. 

Here are some examples: 

  • In-Order Reporting: This report gives you useful information about orders that are currently in progress. You can see the details of these orders and align them with your retailer projections. You can also easily check allocation and budget reports for orders in retailers’ carts, which gives you the information you need early on in the order process.

  • The Inventory Details Report: Shows current inventory compared to your JOOR orders, letting you easily monitor which styles and sizes are selling and what might need to be restocked.

  • The Style Detail Report: This report provides a summary of how well each style is selling, including details like the number of units sold, wholesale and retail prices, and how many different retailers are buying them. 

You can also see which styles and colors are most popular, track where they're selling best by city or country, and use this to figure out which categories make up most of your sales.

Custom reporting for tailored analysis: 

We understand that every brand has unique needs, and that's why we’ve created a custom report builder. This feature lets you create reports that are just right for your specific requirements. It's similar to using Excel, where you can add or remove columns, group or pivot data, and easily handle currency conversions.

JOOR Snapshot and Discovery Dashboard for comprehensive overviews: 

JOOR Snapshot offers a simple overview of key data points, like sales performance, which is great for making quick, informed decisions. The Discovery Dashboard adds more by giving insights into how retailers interact with your brand. It shows which retailers are looking at your profile, liking your products, and more.

This kind of information is really important for brands aiming to improve their presence in the market and strengthen ties with retailers. By using these detailed data and analytics tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of your current market position and prepare for upcoming trends and align with DTC behavior patterns. 

In a nutshell, JOOR is designed to help you:

  • Know What Your Buyers Want: Adjust your products to match what buyers are looking for, improving your marketing and customer interactions.

  • Use Data Smartly: Turn basic data into useful strategies to better manage your stock, marketing, and design choices.

  • Incorporate Flexible Pricing: Use JOOR's data analysis to change prices as needed, based on what the market wants and what competitors are doing, helping you increase profits and stay competitive.

It also prevents:

  • Analysis Paralysis and Risky Guesswork: Make informed decisions based on data, not gut feelings.

  • Missed Market Opportunities and Revenue: Stay relevant and capitalize on emerging trends.

  • A Decline in Brand Relevance: Keep your brand at the forefront of fashion trends.

  • Decreased Market Position: Maintain and improve your standing in a competitive fashion market.

3. Connecting brands and retailers around the world

The concept of 'Connected Wholesale' is really brought to life when looking at the global network of opportunities on the JOOR platform. It’s important to us to help use the tech we create to support the development of new and rewarding connections between brands and retailers all over the world.

Expansive global network and presence: 

JOOR is truly worldwide, spanning across 150 countries and connecting over 14,000 brands with 600,000 buyers. With 12 offices dotted across the globe, our network is unmatched, giving you the chance to reach many different markets.

JOOR Passport–your gateway to global exposure: 

JOOR Passport has changed how brands can connect digitally. With online events and tradeshows, it creates new business opportunities in different regions. This platform allows brands to show their collections to retailers all over the world, helping them meet potential buyers and partners they might not have found otherwise.

Round-the-clock support for seamless global operations: 

Aware of the challenges in diverse markets, we provide 24/7 customer help in multiple languages, ensuring you can function well in any setting. This reliable support, together with help at key events, means you can expand your reach worldwide, bypassing common issues with time zones and languages.

Our commitment to bringing together brands and retailers globally doesn't just improve business chances; it also fosters a more united wholesale fashion community.

In a nutshell, JOOR is designed to help you:

  • Grow Your Wholesale Business: Meet new retailers who fit well with what your brand offers, boosting your share of the wholesale fashion pie.

  • Access New Markets: Use JOOR to smoothly start and run your business in new areas.

It also prevents:

  • Missed Opportunities: Global access and good connections help you grow and diversify. 

  • Customer Service Frustrations: Experience top-tier support, making wholesale easier and less frustrating.

A Compelling Story of Brand Success with Brodie Cashmere

Brodie Cashmere's move to JOOR is a great example of how effective and broad JOOR's platform is. As a luxury brand, they needed to manage their wholesale business well without losing the quality their customers expect. Choosing JOOR matched their needs exactly. Since many of Brodie Cashmere's retail partners were already on JOOR, switching to the platform was easy and really effective. 

“JOOR was a perfect match for us. 99% of our retail partners were already JOOR users. It was a natural fit, seamlessly aligning with our existing wholesale operations. We were able to integrate quickly and begin working with our buyers instantly thanks to JOOR’s incredibly wide global network.” 

By capitalizing on JOOR’s features and capabilities, the brand positioned themselves as an industry leader, achieving sustainable growth while maintaining their commitment to responsible supply chain practices. View the full case study here.

Future-Proof Your Wholesale Fashion Business for Connected Growth

When you're thinking about which wholesale management platform to use, JOOR is a choice that's ready for the future. We’re a partner that grows with you and helps your brand reach new levels of success.

Change the way you do wholesale fashion with us by your side. Get in touch to find out how our platform can help your brand stand out in a competitive market. 

Book a demo and begin your path to growth today.

Tina Baxter
JOOR Fashion Consultant
Connected Wholesale Fashion Management: The JOOR Advantage

Looking to boost your fashion wholesale sales? What are the key strategies? Learn more in our new guide.

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