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[WEBINAR] JOOR & BRAZIL: Adopting Digital for Success in Today’s Global Market

August 10, 2021

The global pandemic has accelerated digital adoption in the fashion industry, with brands and retailers recognizing the benefits of collaborating through a digital platform. While the predominant way of doing business in Brazil has been rooted in largely manual processes, the country has recognized the need for digital transformation and the opportunity it represents.

JOOR has quickly established itself as the leading digital wholesale platform in the region by partnering with local organizations to understand the market and providing clients with innovative solutions to drive business growth.

In this webinar, Senior Account Executive Chloe Wilson joins forces with Paula Merlo, Editor in Chief of Vogue Brazil, as well as Ruisa Scheffel from Abicalcados and Marcela Arudda from Skep360, for a candid conversation about why digital adoption is so essential for the Brazilian market. 

Topics from this discussion include:

·      Why virtual showrooms are a must-have for fashion brands across the globe,

·      What to look for when selecting a wholesale management platform,

·      The future of Brazil’s adoption of digital selling technology,

·      The process of integrating onto a B2B platform and benefits realized,

·      And many other valuable insights.

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Brazil Webinar

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