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Independent Retailers: Making the Most of the ‘Shop Local’ Trend

February 18, 2021

Today’s fashion customers want value. And post-COVID, that means a lot more than price.  Millennials and even more so Gen Z want their purchases to support local businesses and strengthen communities--whether shopping online, or in-person. (And more and more their values influence how older generations shop as well.) They also want their purchases to express an individualized and unique sense of style. 

The pandemic may have catalyzed these shifts in consumer priorities, but studies predict they will long outlast the virus. And this puts independent retailers in a promising position.  Customers already want to support them. If they can deliver extraordinary assortments with a unique point of view, they’ll seal the deal. 

The New Trade Show Advantage

Successful businesses know the value of attending a key industry event. It allows them to develop long-term relationships, to see products up close--but most of all, it gives them a chance to discover: to get the pulse of new trends, spot hot emerging brands, and find the most exciting new products before anyone else--an essential advantage in today’s market. Trade shows take a toll on independent retailers, however--attending requires precious time away from the business, which often means closing for a few days and usually leads to at least some loss in revenue. Add to this travel expenses, and it’s no wonder close to half of independent retailers attend only one show per year.  

But digital trade shows are another story -- they give independent retailers the chance to visit multiple trade shows and runway events globally, without going anywhere. The 24/7 availability makes it possible to check out new brands after hours, with a glass of wine on the couch. Discovery possibilities multiply exponentially and, at least with JOOR PASSPORT, the price to show up is free. Online shows deliver a comparable experience and benefits to in-person shows, and can even add additional value. Here’s a step by step guide for getting the most out

Step One: Discovery

On JOOR PASSPORT, attendees complete a free registration process, gain access to all current global trade show events, and can start ‘walking the floor.’ Distinct categories like ‘Female founded,’ ‘Black-owned business,’ ‘Made in America,’ ‘Sustainably sourced,’ and more help speed and personalize searches, and immersive presentations give a true feel for each brand. Independent retailers can ‘heart’ brands across shows and save visual representations of their favorites all in one place.

Step Two: Create Your List

Attendees scroll through their saved ‘favorites’ and create a ‘first cut’ for building their assortments. From PASSPORT, they can return for a deeper dive to see a bigger selection of possible SKU’s, watch dynamic video and/or zoom in or view 360 spins on possible selections. They can also reach out directly to brands via PASSPORT to connect, request individualized linesheets and/or schedule a time to meet.    

Step Three: Connect

Brands who exhibit via PASSPORT offer highly productive collaborative sessions, customized to the independent retailer’s interests and needs. Brands respond in real-time to questions and requests--such as alternative colorways or video presentations--and build a styleboard over the course of the meeting where both parties can visualize potential assortments. This focused time not only speeds the final edit, it provides a one-on-one opportunity for brands and retailers to better understand each others’ needs and lay groundwork for long term partnerships. 

Step Four: Buy

Once they finalize their assortment, independent retailers can purchase directly from styleboards and get their products quickly. 

Register now on JOOR PASSPORT to experience the world’s largest global curated marketplace. Attend events from around the world, including current offerings like: JOOR Showcase, the leading digital tradeshow event for advanced contemporary brands; Destination Italy, the marketplace for emerging and established Italian luxury brands; London Fashion Week; Premium + SEEK’s Berlin-based selection of upper urban wear and streetwear brands, and many more.  


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