How Are You Spending Your Social Dollars?

July 28, 2022

Creating brand awareness is an ongoing, ever-changing process. Fashion brands, especially new arrivals, can find it challenging to gain attention. Luckily, there’s an easy, direct way to get started: social media. Social media is a fashion brand’s first, and often most important, avenue when it comes to building brand awareness. 

To get the most out of your posts on different social media, and to drive awareness of your brand in an increasingly crowded marketplace, it’s important to make social media part of your comprehensive content strategy.

What is a content strategy?

A content strategy is an action plan designed to help you reach specific business goals, like growing website traffic or increasing sales. When it comes to social media, content strategies should be guided visions, rather than strict release timetables. Trends move quickly, goals change, and business needs evolve. Not every tactic will work the same way on each platform. Having a social media content strategy allows you to assess attempts and successes as they happen, so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Having a plan in place can do more than merely announce your presence: it can also drive traffic to your website, and even help attract the attention of online influencers who are increasingly important when it comes to marketing and publicity. In the UK, 51% of marketers work with online influencers to build brand awareness. 

It’s also worth noting an adaptable social media content strategy will deliver results almost immediately, especially when compared to SEO-based marketing initiatives which can take six to twelve months to show any sort of impact whatsoever.

Why social media?

When it comes to depth and breadth of reach, social media is the unqualified champion. According to a January 2022 report, 4.62 billion people use social media across the globe. That’s more than half the world’s population. And the number keeps growing: almost 425 million users joined for the first time over the last year.

Seasonal, colorful, and full of energy, fashion was made for social media. Highly visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest make particularly vibrant showcases; Twitter is a great place to share pithy quotes and insights; LinkedIn offers the chance to connect with other business professionals. And today you can offer the opportunity to buy on all of these platforms.

Part of your content strategy should include metrics for measuring where your audience finds you on social media. Results will vary brand to brand and post to post. The more you know about where your customers spend their time, the more you’ll be able to tweak your overall content strategy.

Enjoy the benefits

A big benefit of making social media central to your content strategy is the low cost. Organic content is free. Posting regularly with an entertaining and consistent voice is the first key to developing an audience. Reciprocal agreements and influencer interactions can come with minimal expenses, and even the cost of promoted posts and social media ads is low compared to traditional media outlets. 

There’s no one way to create a social media content strategy: what works for one brand may not work for another. Some digital wholesale brands might invest in influencer marketing, others might choose paid ads. One creator might prefer to highlight their collection on Instagram, while another prefers the dynamic video of TikTok. But the key to getting standing out in a competitive market is creating a comprehensive social media content strategy, one that’s as tailored and fluid as your brand.

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