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A New Blueprint for Wholesale: Industry Trends Leading Digital Transformation in 2021

December 10, 2020

Our 2021 Report A new Blueprint for Wholesale is finally here!

In October, McKinsey & Company wrote that “B2B sales leaders have moved from being “forced” to adopt digital in reaction to the widespread shutdowns in the early stages of COVID-19 to a growing conviction that digital is the way to go.”

Our data supports this level of engagement happening. In this report, the top industry trends are explored and compared to JOOR’s wholesale platform activity. While the circumstances that brought us here are far from ideal, there are reasons for optimism. 


What’s inside:

·       See the global players leading the charge in B2B digitization

·       Understand buyers’ new outlook on B2B transactions

·       Observe who’s taking on a larger role within the retail ecosystem  

·       Learn how digital events are measuring up in more ways than one

·       Explore the future of the fashion wholesale industry… & more.

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