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Your Three-Point Market Prep Checklist

September 4, 2019

Time with customers is precious. Focus your market efforts on the human side of your wholesale business: building orders, understanding your customers’ needs, and creating strong partnerships for now and in the future.

1) Update for the win

It’s no secret up-to-date information is crucial for maximizing sales not only during appointments, but after as well. Getting it right from the start minimizes post show follow up in regards to style updates, color changes, and drops--which also minimizes cancellations.

JOOR Pro Tip: If JOOR isn’t integrated with your ERP, upload new or updated linesheets and images 48 hours before your market appointment. 

2) Look back to plan forward

Meeting with long-time buyers? Historical reports will be extremely handy when it comes to picking up where you left off last time, and in terms of increasing order value. 

Meeting with new customers? Be sure to review your top selling styles and colors across different categories. Use this intel to guide recommendations and build orders that set you both up for a win.  

JOOR PRO tip: Snapshot organizes information quickly and accurately, without the hassle of managing and analyzing multiple spreadsheets.  All from your JOOR home screen. 


3) Make it business -- and personal

Upload curated lookbooks and build customized linesheets to spark consideration and encourage bigger orders, both before and during appointments. 

JOOR PRO tip: Create and share personalized sales tools on JOOR with our linesheet creation and bulk management tools.


JOOR streamlines the wholesale process to make market prep faster and smarter. So you can make the most of your creative and strategic strengths. Want to learn more about JOOR Pro? Request a demo here.  

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