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JOOR Passport User Features: Buyers’ Guide

January 25, 2021

JOOR has streamlined, enhanced and added features to help buyers discover new brands from around the world. At this high-stakes time, there is an opportunity for buyers to create their most confident assortments and finalize orders virtually… just so long as they put in work, too. Here’s how you can make sure you stand out and set yourself up to make those new relationships from the comfort of your home.

What buyers need to know:

1. Remember Brands Are Shopping Too!

Set up or update your JOOR account to encourage brands to accept your connection requests. The more information they can get from your profile without having to leave JOOR, the more quickly they can act on accepting you as a connection/future stockist.  Show off your store by listing the different brands you carry, your locations, price points, customers and even imagery.

2. Hit The Ground Running.

Once you register with JOOR, you’ll receive links for the preconnect forms of exhibiting brands for each event applicable. These forms allow you to connect with any JOOR brand participating in those events prior to show launch, ultimately saving you time shopping and prospecting during the actual event. 

3. Register For One, Search Through All.

Register for free to attend any JOOR Passport show or market and gain access to all every show and event.

4. Expand Possibilities, Expend Less Time.

Favorite brands across shows to efficiently create a first cut of interesting profiles. Use this comprehensive view of options to hone your focus for a deeper dive before you decide to request a connection.

5. Collaborate From One, To Done. 

hare market details, needs and interests with partners from pre-appointment to purchase. Make the most of Passport’s collaboration features to save time, personalize your shopping experience and maximize your buy.

6. Join our free webinars, hosted by JOOR Representatives.

Lite retailers can learn how to use JOOR by signing up for one of our exclusive webinars held each month. Ask questions to your most pressing questions will receiving insider tips and tricks on how to level up your experience on our platform. To sign up for the next available webinar and view more time/language options, click HERE.

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