Top 5 Data Insights Every B2B Wholesale Fashion Director Needs

December 11, 2023

Things are changing fast in B2B wholesale fashion—and, just like everything else in life, it’s largely due to tech.

New tools are reshaping the industry. Suddenly, data is everywhere. But as digital becomes ever more prevalent, there’s also a huge amount of opportunity. You’ve just got to be alert.

Get the right tools in place and you can:

All of this is possible today—but only if you get organized.

Siloed data is almost worthless, blocking you from getting a clear view of what’s going on. Invest some time and effort, though, and things are quickly transformed.

If you get the right information being funneled through the right data and reporting platform, B2B wholesale fashion directors have got more potential than ever to perform well and help their company grow.

Why Access to the Right Data is Critical for B2B Wholesale Fashion

Without good, accessible data, fashion industry pros face a range of problems and challenges.

5 Pre-Built Reports You Need to Optimize Your Wholesale Network

As an innovative B2B fashion wholesale platform, JOOR has always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible.

Today, we offer 13 pre-built reports, each designed to give you everything you need to keep on the front foot.

On top of that, our Reporting Suite gives you the ability to make fully customizable reports that include the data points important to you and your brand.

So, that means more meaningful insights faster and more convenient than ever before. And better business decisions as a result. 

Here are five of the most important pre-built JOOR reports B2B wholesale directors use every day to help their businesses grow.

1. The Inventory Details Report 

By viewing live inventory levels against your JOOR orders, you can actively keep track of the styles and sizes that have been selling. Then you can make sure everything is restocked at the right time—meaning no more lost orders.

2. The Style Detail Report 

This overview details the performance of individual styles, including metrics for units sold, extended wholesale and retail price, and a count of unique retailers. 

It means you can instantly analyze the popularity of each style and color, see which categories account for the biggest percentage of your sales, and use the shipping city/country filter to check where your styles are most popular.

3. The Sales by Retailer Report

Prepare for retailer appointments fueled with insights and knowledge on their order behavior. 

This report provides key order details for every retailer you sell to, including sales volume, location, price type, extended costs, and more. It’s also an incredibly useful way to analyze your top retailers or regions and their total sales volume.

4. The Sales Detail by Style and Color Report 

See, review and act on your buyer’s comments and specific requests with this detailed report. 

You’re also presented with all style-related information (per order and per retailer), style and color comments, as well as order details (season codes, order types, and more). 

If you want to dive deeper, order statuses, units sold (including notes), pricing, color codes, and buyer/retailer details are also stored.

5. The Production Report

How many units have been ordered for each style and color? With this report, that info is only a click away. Each style is shown by color on a size level, so you can quickly view your bookings per size. 

Category, material, fabrication, silhouette, linesheet, and retailer are also included. When brands want to know how many cuts to make for a style, or to gauge current inventory levels, this is the first place they head.

How Can You Get the Insights You Need?

Thankfully, it’s not particularly difficult. By investing in wholesale fashion software specifically designed to optimize your wholesale fashion network, you can unlock all the data and insights you need.

Here’s our main tip: Look for comprehensive sales tracking and analytics, and real-time inventory tracking and management. Those are the key features you’ll need.

If you find those (they’re in JOOR, of course!), then the investment will soon prove worthwhile. And if you’re tempted to keep going as things are, remember:

What Can the Right Platform Do For You?

In short—more than you can imagine. B2B platforms for fashion wholesale bring unprecedented opportunities. The tools and insights provide vital information. Streamlined processes let your business run at its max. Invest in the right platform and you can expect:

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By taking the decision to invest and access these five pre-built JOOR reports (plus the eight others we haven’t covered yet!), you’re future-proofing your business and taking a major step towards optimizing your entire wholesale network.

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