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Forget Manual Product Tagging—Lily AI Automated Attribution Saves Time and Cost

April 4, 2022

Long gone are the days of retailers having to manually tag products within their assortments—a laborious, time-consuming process that can result in errors and less detailed product tags as well as slower speed to the web, incorrect product listings for web search and SEO, and inaccurate product analysis. Automating the attribution process allows products to be tagged quickly and accurately and thanks to our tech partner Lily AI, retailers will now have access to AI technology to tag products within an assortment with terms from the retailer’s taxonomy.  

Auto Attribution is a JOOR exclusive solution that removes the manual tagging process and saves retailers time by harnessing artificial intelligence to tag styles within an assortment. Using the retailer’s preferred terminology, this innovative tech delivers high accuracy while ensuring the retailer retains control over their assortments.

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