Assign Orders to Retailers with JOOR

September 4, 2019

Users now have a self-serve tools to assign orders themselves on the web.

Unassigned orders have become unsustainable and unmanageable on JOOR. Users can create unassigned orders on the app but they cannot resolve them or assign them themselves, which is problematic because 1) They must rely on JDT to assign orders for them, which is a heavy internal lift and 2) Waiting on JDT to assign orders for them means it takes longer for them to finalize/export orders. In Q1 2019 alone, 10% of orders- nearly 55,000- were unassigned. This took up ~450 hours of JDT’s time to resolve them.

We are looking to give our users self-serve tools they can use to assign orders themselves on web. They will be able to:

·       View which orders are unassigned

·       Filter to view unassigned orders

·       Assign orders to a retailer

What’s new in this release?

View Unassigned Orders

Unassigned order 1


“Only Unassigned Orders” filter

Unassigned order 2

Assign orders to a retailer account

You can now assign retailers to an order! Users can use this action to assign a retailer to any order- unassigned orders OR orders that were already assigned to another retailer.


Unassigned order 3


Unassigned order 4

Effects on the order once the user assigns a retailer:

·       Account ID- New retailer’s account ID added to order

·       Shipping / BillingAddresses- Maintained on order, and the addresses of the new retailer will populate in the address         drop downs (if exist)

·       Warehouse- Maintained on order, and the warehouses of the new retailer will populate in the warehouse dropdown (if          exist)

·       Payment terms-Maintained on order, and payment terms of new retailer will populate in the payment terms         dropdown (if exist)

·       Door- Existing door(s) on order removed. Door dropdown populated with the new retailer’s doors(if exist)

·       Discounts- Inherit retailer-level discounts if the new retailer has one. Otherwise, maintain any existing discounts.

·       Price Type -Maintained on order. if user goes to reassign price type, populate new retailer's price types in the         dropdown.

·       Sales Rep- Maintained on order.

·       Other Order Data-Maintained on order.

Other Notes

If user is restricted from editing approved/shipped orders, they will not be able to apply this action to approved or shipped orders.

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