Neiman Marcus powered by JOOR

JOOR is proud to be Neiman Marcus’s exclusive B2B fashion e-commerce platform for their wholesale management, order placement, and assortment planning.

Innovation has been at the forefront of Neiman Marcus since opening in Dallas, Texas in 1907. Neiman Marcus has partnered with JOOR as their exclusive platform of choice for wholesale buying and selling. As a large enterprise retailer with numerous brick-and-mortar stores nationwide, a robust dedicated buying team, and a thriving e-commerce business, Neiman Marcus benefits from using JOOR as an invaluable solution to centralize their wholesale order management.

Leveraging JOOR's cutting-edge technology, Neiman Marcus buying teams can effortlessly track and optimize their wholesale orders across multiple departments. This comprehensive overview helps Neiman Marcus eliminate manual processes and plan their store assortments effectively, ensuring a cohesive and well-curated product offering. 

Blending the Best of In-Person and Online Buying 

In addition to transforming their wholesale business, JOOR supports Neiman Marcus buying teams by digitalizing the buying process. Our intuitive iPad app and web platform enable remote buying and collaboration by allowing Neiman Marcus  buyers to place orders conveniently on the go and during market appointments.

JOOR’s iPad app syncs to our web platform, granting Neiman Marcus team members the ability to complete orders on the web while buyers are engaged in market appointments. This ensures efficient and uninterrupted order management no matter where buyers are working from. 

JOOR allows Neiman Marcus to have a smoother and more streamlined buying journey. Neiman Marcus can quickly download brand style data, and product images from JOOR, helping their buyers to work more efficiently with access to the data they need.

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