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With JOOR, Shopbop has comprehensive visibility into their orders, seamlessly integrating ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories, jewelry, and footwear departments onto one unified platform.

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Shopbop, known for offering customers a curated selection of ready-to-wear & accessories from over 1,000 established and emerging designers, saw an opportunity to improve operational efficiency by digitalizing their wholesale buying process, saving valuable time and improving accuracy of order entry.

Shopbop’s partnership with JOOR signifies more than just a technological upgrade; it represents a paradigm shift in how wholesale operations are conducted. By embracing JOOR’s innovative solutions, Shopbop not only streamlines its internal processes but also strengthens its relationships with brand partners, using JOOR as a bridge for effective communication and buying that enhances its customer offerings. Having partnered with JOOR for over 5 years, Shopbop recognizes the value the platform brings in ensuring everyone is on the same page and providing a level of efficiency and collaboration that sets a new standard for excellence across the organization.

Real-time Order Visibility, Enhanced Product Attribution, and Increased Speed to Market

Shopbop relies on JOOR's intuitive platform to effortlessly consolidate orders and synchronize their operations. By having all proposed and confirmed orders in one place, Shopbop can meticulously plan their assortment, ensuring a harmonized approach that aligns with their business strategy, market demands and customer preferences.

With JOOR’s intuitive platform, Shopbop efficiently assigns product attributes such as colors, style types, and categories. JOOR helps to transform the product attribution process by allowing Shopbop to create custom product attributes tailored to their preferred taxonomy, ensuring consistent language in labeling products and styles. These custom attributes make it easier to showcase products and facilitate a better customer experience.

By streamlining organizational tasks, buyers focus on impactful areas such as sourcing, product selection, managing inventory levels, and assortment planning, ensuring Shopbop stays ahead in the ever-evolving fashion industry. JOOR accelerates Shopbop's speed to market by enhancing efficiency and enabling swift uploading of styles onto its e-commerce site. This agility extends the product’s selling window and allows Shopbop to promptly showcase the latest trends.

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