Harrods powered by JOOR 

JOOR is proud to be Harrods exclusive B2B fashion ecommerce platform for all their wholesale management, order placement, and assortment planning 

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department stores / ecommerce / specialty stores /

Harrods, a renowned luxury department store based in London, is a retail industry leader in high-end fashion, beauty products, and home goods. Harrods has partnered with JOOR as their exclusive platform of choice for wholesale buying and selling. 

With JOOR, Harrods has a comprehensive view of all their wholesale orders in one central location. This streamlined format enables Harrods to quickly place orders and ensures a smooth payment process for the brands. JOOR's exclusive partnership with Harrods has digitalized their wholesale, enabling them to maintain their esteemed position in the luxury retail industry while ensuring efficient and seamless operations for their buying team.

On-the-Go Wholesale and Data Empowerment 

JOOR's iPad app empowers Harrods buyers to place orders conveniently on the go and during market appointments. Any changes made via the app are automatically saved to the web platform, providing a seamless transition between devices and a continuous workflow for their buying team.

JOOR further enhances Harrods productivity with custom export templates. With just a few clicks, Harrods can swiftly download brand style data and product images from JOOR, giving their buyers the data needed to make informed decisions and expedite the buying process.

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