The Art of the Upsell

November 4, 2019

Brands and retailers are similar in nature when it comes to the role upselling plays.  While providing outstanding customer service and producing quality products is certainly important, it’s the sometimes-forgotten art of the upsell that remains a key priority for any and all wholesalers.

Upselling isn’t an easy one-two-three. It takes time, effort, and a willingness to know each buyer individually to develop a carefully crafted approach. When the right approach is adopted, taking the sale from a purchase to a personalized interaction can make all the difference. The decision to add on to the original purchase becomes the buyers’ decision rather than a pushy sale. By understanding what is important, doing the proper research, and providing a customized experience both parties leave happy. 

Knowledge is Key

When working with a new or existing client it’s imperative that you understand their vision and are fluent in product knowledge as it relates to their wants and needs. Whether it’s workwear, accessories, handbags, coats - you name it - every step of their journey should be tailored to them specifically. 

Sales teams should have a strong understanding of their targeted audience and key clientele. This will lend a helping hand in the upsell process. The buyer wants to not only feel valued but also feel a sense of connection with their partners. Showing that you understand what products they are looking for and who they are selling to is paramount to providing a great customer experience. 

But more importantly, as the brand, it’s your responsibility to help the buyer make the right decisions for their business. Having high-quality images that present well as a stand-alone or paired with other options will help drive the sales process forward. When pairing extensive product knowledge and providing in-depth knowledge of their clientele the buyer should be able to easily relate and agree with product recommendations that are on-trend and complement their current order. 

Provide Value

Custom linesheets should be a top priority during the upsell process. When putting together what you are going to prepare for the prospective buyer take timing into consideration. Is it pre-season? Are the holidays around the corner, etc? What products did they previously purchase that they could look to order again or expand on? Perhaps new colors, sizes, materials, patterns are available in the best selling items. By leveraging the data that is available based on previous buys, wholesalers can help better understand their prospective clientele and demographics to help drive the upsell process.  

Pro-tip: JOOR’s reporting suite makes it easy to pull best selling items and cross-reference that with your buyer’s order to ensure they’ve ordered top styles relevant to their store.

Stay Relevant

Keep top of mind before, during and even after your buyers have received their orders. Establishing and maintaining a relationship both professional and personal is key to success. You want to make sure you aren’t just picking up the phone or shooting them a note when you want them to buy or spend money. Think of different events or new and upcoming trends that may resonate with their brand and audience. 

Representatives should follow-up with their buyers to ensure satisfaction and gain visibility into what is selling versus not. This not only shows that you value them and their business, but will also help you craft your next linesheet and upsell products that better fit their business needs. 

Offer up different methods and ways for them to help move stock that may have become stagnant and harder to move off of the shelves. Not only will they appreciate the post-sales support, but it will entice them to want to continue working with you. 

Upselling is a tried and true way to help increase sales and boost revenue, but above all else, the true art of upselling is building trust and maintaining relationships between brands and their retailers.

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