Snapshots Appointment Hub

September 4, 2019

The appointment is a module that’s housed on the Pro Brand’s SnapShot page. It will enable Pro Brands to create market appointments and will generate email confirmations for buyers and cc’d sales reps.

How to create an appointment:

·       Login to your JOORAccount

·       Navigate to theSnapshot page (Click the JOOR icon)

·       Click the “New Appointment”
(Note: When an appointment is created, it’ll be set for your local time zone.You can adjust the time of the appointment after it’s been created.) 

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   4. Fill out all the fields! Required fields are Retailer or Event, Date, and Time. 

(The buyer(s) email address is not required, but an email address will need to be entered if you’d like to share the appointment with them.)



5. You can choose whether to notify your buyer(s) about the appointment at this time, and any time the appointment is edited. Just check or uncheck the box next to "Notify retailer" at the bottom of the screen. 

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6. When you fill out the appointment information and click “Create Appointment”, the appointment will be created! 

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How to edit, download, and delete an appointment

Once an appointment is created, you can click into the appointment to view the appointment details. From here you can edit appointment, download it to your personal calendar, or delete it.


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Appointment Email Confirmation

An email notification will be sent to the retailer and CC’ed buyers about the appointment. The email will include a link to download the appointment to their personal calendar. It will also include a link to the linesheet (if a linesheet was shared).

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