Hey, Independent Retailers -- It’s Time to Up Your Game

August 11, 2020

Customers who shop with independent retailers love to discover. When they walk through your boutique doors or navigate your online store, they are buying more than your merchandise--they are buying into your unique fashion point of view. Although studies predict consumers will spend 30% less on apparel and footwear this year, they will still purchase--just much more selectively.

In order to make sure they select you during these highly competitive times, let your edit set you apart. Clearly define and apply your differentiator to your buying process to make the most of limited merchandising funds. And, within your strong identity, be new, next and novel with a vengeance.

JOOR Showcase, launching this September 1, can help you meet and exceed this goal--efficiently, economically, and creatively. 

Shop globally without leaving your home

JOOR Showcase is powered by the JOOR Passport centralized trade show and fashion week experience--which means all retailers who register for JOOR Showcase receive single-point-of-access via Passport to top fashion events around the world and vice versa. (Fall shows to date include Tokyo Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Splash Paris, Arab Fashion Week, and more.) Buyers can discover and shop brands globally, 24/7 365 days a year, for a price much cheaper than hotel and airfare to multiple international trade shows--especially since it’s free. 

Find new and exciting brands

JOOR Showcase features elevated contemporary brands that retailers can shop via a wide range of categories (or ‘style stories’) for a highly-curated and customized discovery process. To build even more engaging and exclusive assortments that closely align with a vision, buyers can apply their chosen filters across all Passport events--and even bookmark their favorite brands across the shows.

Buy with speed and confidence

With remote global access and focused curation capabilities, JOOR Showcase (and JOOR Passport in general) allows buyers to efficiently select from a wide spectrum of brands and styles--so independent retailers can find their ‘it factor,’ fast. Virtual features like zoom-in, 360 degree spins and dynamic video convey look and feel and boost buying confidence. And immersive Styleboards give brands and retailers space to digitally collaborate and reach unique final edits quickly and successfully.

Use your resources to stand out where it counts

Because JOOR Showcase and other Passport events offer a low-cost, high return approach to building exclusive assortments, brands can redirect resources towards connecting with customers. Time and finances can now support vision development, creative merchandising, marketing, and nurturing relationships.

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