Generate Faster Order Conversions

May 4, 2020

The ability to think and act fast during market appointments is crucial. JOOR allows brands to have more appointments by increasing the efficiency of each session with our easy-to-use order-taking iPad app. When we learned that brands needed a faster way to connect orders to new clients in order to follow up, we created a new tool for them to connect these orders to retailers seamlessly from their Orders List page.

 So what's new?

No more wait time! By updating and assigning orders yourselves, brands can connect the correct retailers in seconds rather than waiting 24-48 hours increasing efficiency and order accuracy -- all while generating faster order conversion cycles.

 How does it work?

All of your unassigned orders can be updated and assigned in 4 quick steps. 

Pro Tip: If your brand is integrated with JOOR, it’s important to make sure your backend system (ERP) is updated with the retailers you will be assigning to orders. 

You can also read more about this tool in our help center here or schedule a training session with your Customer Success Manager today to ensure you and your team are ready for the upcoming market!

Please note that starting Friday, May 22, our data team will no longer be assigning orders to retailer.

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