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September 12, 2023

Digital Wholesale Fashion: Reshaping The Brand/Retailer Connection

Discover how digital wholesale fashion is reshaping brand-retailer connections: greater access to retailers, streamlined operations, and improved customer service. Digital wholesale fashion is now essential to understand the needs and requirements of brands and retailers.

Digital Wholesale Fashion: Reshaping The Brand/Retailer Connection
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Digital Wholesale Fashion: Reshaping The Brand/Retailer Connection

In every aspect of our lives, digital innovation is driving advances at unprecedented speed. The same is happening in wholesale fashion. Tech platforms are reshaping and strengthening relationships and collaborations between brands and retailers, and fuelling the growth of SMB brands in the wholesale sector.

In this article, you’ll learn how savvy brands are using digital wholesale fashion management solutions to:

  • Increase access to retailers in countries around the world
  • Coordinate all aspects of their business on one centralized B2B ecommerce platform
  • Produce professional product presentations that drive orders from international retailers
  • Access better communication and collaboration tools and enjoy enhanced partner relationships
  • Drive positive reputational experiences by improving customer service and support

Use Fashion Tech Wholesale for Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency

Understanding the Growth of Digital Wholesale Fashion Platforms

In wholesale fashion, a growing trend is emerging—retailers and brands are en masse moving to embrace digital wholesale platforms. These platforms are allowing new connections to be made and facilitating transactions all over the world.

For most ambitious SMB brands, the reality is clear. It is now impossible to succeed without digitalizing your business. There are key benefits, like improved organization, increased efficiency, and boundless growth opportunities.

But there is also simply the need to keep up with your competition. If you don’t embrace digital wholesale fashion platforms when your competitors do, you’ll simply fall even further behind. The industry now expects digital processes—and it’s up to you to provide them.

Transform Your Wholesale Fashion Experience with JOOR's Digital Solutions

Why Utilizing a Digital Wholesale Fashion Platform is Crucial for Ambitious SMB Brands

The advent of digital wholesale fashion platforms has changed the way brands grow and operate. Ambitious brands like yours use platforms such as JOOR, to grow their business for five key reasons.

1. Better Distribution Opportunities

For brands experiencing challenges in broadening their distribution channels due to limited connections or resources, a digital wholesale fashion platform can be a game-changer. With the right digital platform, your network won’t be restricted to local retailers. Instead, the door will open up to a global network of buyers, eliminating geographical limitations and the need for substantial travel budgets to present your collections to crucial decision makers.

For example, JOOR can help facilitate connections because your network is no longer limited to those retailers in your geographical area. Instead, you have access to a global network of over 600,000 buyers in more than 150 countries. Location dependence is immediately eradicated, as too is the need for extensive travel budgets to get your collections in front of key decision makers.

These sophisticated platforms allow you to meet retailers virtually and display your collections in a professional, stylish setting. They help you in:

  • Accelerating international expansion by facilitating access to global markets and localized experiences
  • Upholding your brand reputation and quality in line with your growth objectives, by ensuring you work only with vetted retail partners, even in unfamiliar markets

2. Improved/Streamlined Operations

If you don’t have a centralized B2B ecommerce platform, the challenges soon become clear — order, inventory, and customer communication management are all infinitely more difficult. This is where a digital wholesale fashion platform comes into play, offering tailored solutions designed to eliminate such difficulties.

All your catalogs and linesheets can be stored in one place, making it easier to share details with new retailers who are showing interest in doing business with your brand. Any in-person connections made at tradeshows or through other appointments can be quickly capitalized on, with your platform giving you the facility to immediately share your products and place orders all in one place.

Look for software capabilities that give you access to a suite of reporting and analytics tools. Features like the JOOR Discovery Dashboard are critical for understanding who has viewed and favorited your profile, and therefore who should be your next outreach targets.

Your new digital wholesale fashion platform can also be a powerful tool in the race to improve and streamline your operations. It allows you to:

  • Enjoy a centralized, consolidated platform for wholesale order management that improves efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing the occurrence of stockouts
  • Improve your cash flow management by increasing sales and shortening payment cycles through tools like our JOOR Pay feature, thereby giving you the consistent ability to invest in growth and maintain financial stability
  • Automate processes and improve your overall efficiency through seamless technology integration
  • Benefit from advanced reordering capabilities that fuel data-driven replenishment and prevent inventory imbalances, lost sales, and stock excesses

3. Professional Product Presentation

Ambitious SMB brands often want to leverage technology to help them improve their product presentation, sales conversion rates, and brand perception. A powerful digital wholesale fashion platform is designed to help brands and retailers better understand each other’s needs and requirements by offering advanced functionalities that are easy to use and easy to showcase products. 

Here’s an example: With JOOR’s sophisticated Custom Profiles, featuring simple drag-and-drop templates, the platform enables brands to quickly build customizable B2B virtual showrooms. These can be used to feature your latest collection and offer personalization opportunities with the ability to highlight specific products to selected retailers.

What about digital product catalogs? Comprehensive catalog features like JOOR’s, which include detailed product descriptions, photos, videos, and 360-degree imagery, provide retailers with an intuitive, e-commerce-like experience to shop directly from your brand. This can be enhanced by other tools like The Edit, a versatile presentation feature of ours that allows brands to create and present curated, shoppable collections, facilitating swift order securing. Or, there’s the Styleboard feature that facilitates advanced collaboration between brands and retailers, visualizing a bespoke assortment to finalize an order.

If you aim to enhance your capability to create captivating product presentations and merchandising, leverage your digital tools to assist you:

  • Launch virtual showrooms that increase B2B client attraction and retention
  • Prevent ineffective product presentations that cost you sales and repeat business

4. Better Collaboration Tools

Growing and fostering better retailer partnerships is critical for brands looking to grow. The aim is to ensure repeat business, generate positive referrals, and leverage a robust network for scaling your operations. But building strong B2B partner relationships, especially in the early days, can be a genuine struggle.

The latest wholesale fashion technology helps by enabling brands to share their story to a wider audience through powerful features such as a virtual showroom. Lookbooks that link directly to a product facilitate an easy browse-to-order process. Additionally, digital interfaces like our Discovery Dashboard enhance targeted outreach strategies.

When it comes to enhancing communication across teams and partners, a great digital wholesale fashion platform can enable users to:

  • Develop efficient partner relationship management protocols that nurture long-term relationships and repeat success
  • Facilitate team collaboration and communication to such an extent that improvements in alignment, productivity and performance are all noticeable

5. Improved Customer Service/Support

As you scale and grow, it can become increasingly difficult to maintain the same levels of high-quality customer service on which you built your early success.

By taking your wholesale operations online and utilizing the right digital wholesale fashion platform for your needs, you’ll soon benefit from real-time sales and inventory data. Instead of discovering a problem or opportunity only when it is too late, this data can provide valuable insights at exactly the right time. It can surface sales opportunities and foster a more collaborative relationship between brands and retailers, leading to better decision-making and improved results for both parties.

Using the right technology can also help you eliminate a significant volume of emails and calls through digital ordering tools. With JOOR for example, if a product is updated or dropped, brands are quickly able to communicate with relevant buyers to suggest replacements. This proactive step can help to avert a potential loss of sales volume.

We can also help by assisting you to:

  • Access the supply chain insights needed to optimize operations and controls costs, with transparency fueling better decision making across your organization

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Digital Wholesale Fashion 

Digital Wholesale Fashion is Now Essential. It’s Time to Get Up to Speed

It might feel like a big step, but embracing a digital wholesale fashion platform like JOOR is now the only way for brands and retailers to understand each other’s needs and requirements to the kind of level that accelerates relationships and overall business growth. Digital wholesale fashion is fundamentally reshaping the brand/retailer connection—and putting your head in the sand is not a sensible strategy for any brand looking to succeed.

JOOR provides wider access to distributors and retailers; better collaboration tools; efficient relationship management; professional product presentations; a centralized B2B e-commerce platform; and an enhanced way to provide improved customer support.

Book a demo of the JOOR solution today and see what you could achieve.

Tina Baxter
JOOR Fashion Consultant
Digital Wholesale Fashion: Reshaping The Brand/Retailer Connection

Looking to boost your fashion wholesale sales? What are the key strategies? Learn more in our new guide.

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