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Create a superior digital experience with dynamic 360º imagery

Bring your collection to life like never before by incorporating 360° images and video into your Virtual Showroom. With JOOR’s exclusive ORB360° partnership, you can have high quality 360° assets shot right in your showroom and quickly uploaded onto JOOR through one seamless integration

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Benefits of ORB360º

  • Replace traditional photography with an efficient, cost-effective process for shooting dynamic product imagery
  • Enhance the buyer experience online with interactive images that convey draping, fabrication and other intricate product details
  • Maximize your investment by utilizing B2B assets in your B2C channels
  • Go straight to market with a quick turnaround on assets that are automatically integrated into your JOOR Virtual Showroom
  • Showcase collections virtually in immersive detail to global wholesale buyers  24/7
  • Reduce shipping and travel costs for shoots with mobile units that come right to you
  • Eliminate time and money spent editing and retouching with high quality digital images
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Why We Built JOOR Pay

  • Through conducting extensive research, JOOR found that cash flow, currency conversion, limited payment modalities, and inability to offer net terms without taking on risk are persistent concerns for finance teams.

  • We created JOOR Pay to help our brands receive faster payouts, save on payment costs, simplify foreign transactions, protect themselves from fraud, and outsource payments function and compliance—all for one fixed cost.
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Inspire more confident buying

Products with 360º imagery result in:

  • 14% increase in sales
  • 27% increase in conversions
  • 32% increase in engagement
  • 22% reduction in returns

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We were able to make a collection fully digital in a few days. 360 Product Technology is a great example of the energy and capability we have with a new tool.
JOOR | Wholesale management Platform
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