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Virtual Showrooms Done Right: How to Increase Success Through Collaboration

November 20, 2020

When it comes to digital, ‘reimagining’ is the name of the game. 

When eCommerce first gained traction, web designers did not recreate the experience of browsing through physical aisles in a department store. Instead, they capitalized on the unique possibilities of the internet ‘storefront’ to engage and convert. 

Virtual market technologies present the same type of opportunity: a chance to remake and even improve on a traditionally in-person experience. So when JOOR set out to refine its industry-standard Virtual Showroom, product designers asked: What uniquely digital functionalities would best focus brands and retailers on connecting, collaborating on style-outs, and getting to their final edit in the most impactful and efficient way possible? 

Retail partners need to experience the true look and feel.

Since the health crisis put transactions online, B2B buyers as a whole have welcomed the speed and efficiency of virtual trade. To purchase confidently online, however, retailers require an extra level of digital accommodation. “Seeing the model walk so you can see how the fabric moves and then getting close-ups of the materials is really key,” explains Brown’s buying director Ida Peterson. In partnership with ORB360, JOOR’s Virtual Showroom provides full spin views, high resolution zoom-ins, pauses, dynamic video, and every angle necessary to experience individual products up close and personal. 

Video should bring branding AND products to life.

Interest in a particular style can lead to a sale, but emotional engagement with a brand supports a long-term partnership--as well as a deepened understanding of the brand’s unique positioning, an essential tool for success with today’s tight market and highly selective customers. JOOR’s Virtual Showroom gives each brand an individual page where they can host footage of designer interviews, brand story and press mentions, runway and campaign footage--enabling them to forge deeper and more personal connections with trading partners. At the same time, video capabilities allow retail partners to drill down into individual styles, adding movement to their understanding of the look and feel on the individual product level.  

Partners need the time and the tools for one-on-one collaboration.

To support long-term mutual success, brands need to understand their buyers’ unique markets and needs. With the right technology in place, virtual markets and showrooms can save brands and retailers considerable time in terms of travel, in-person networking and automation of tasks--time they can redirect towards co-creating targeted, personalized edits. JOOR allows brands to send ‘shoppable showrooms’ at scale with individualized assortments, customizable pricing, and all the visual bells and whistles. With JOOR’s feature, The Edit, partners can digitally ‘meet’ in these settings for immersive styleboard collaborations via screensharing to work out order details in real time. "The tool is fantastic. Many customers complimented the format and love that it is year-round,” remarked Beth Mack, President of Merchandising, Marketing and Hospitality Sales for Hollander. “A key licensor mentioned that we partnered with the right company!" Once reaching the final curation together through this highly personalized and streamlined process, retail partners can even place and pay for the order directly from the showroom link.

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