Up Close with a Brand We’re Proud of: Ethical Fashion Initiative

January 27, 2022

While brands may have many different reasons to adopt a B2B wholesale management platform, one key objective remains constant: to gain access to a burgeoning global marketplace, expanding their reach while increasing potential distribution channels. As the leading B2B wholesale management platform that aims to prioritize sustainable business practices, JOOR is committed to supporting such brands looking to gain exposure to our global network.

In this week's Up Close feature, JOOR speaks with Sadiath Alimath Aminou, Merchandising and Sales Adviser at Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI). She sheds light on their journey to maximize the visibility of small fashion brands from marginalized artisan communities by leveraging JOOR's extensive global network and innovative technologies.

Why did Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) decide to join JOOR?

We decided to join JOOR, a leading player in the luxury fashion industry, with the primary objective of improving the participants of our Designer Accelerator program's discoverability in the global marketplace. Our Designer Accelerator helps African fashion brands accelerate and expand their businesses worldwide. Due to the lack of support essential for brands and designers in Africa to reach the global market, the Designer Accelerator provides critical resources and mentoring, working to propel these brands forward. In addition, JOOR allows us to connect emerging brands to an impressive portfolio of international buyers ranging from independent concept shops to world-known department stores through JOOR Passport*.

Which JOOR feature is most important to EFI?

The designers we work with are spread across the globe. JOOR facilitates these creatives, connecting them and their collections directly to a global buyer network. JOOR's Virtual Showroom feature has been essential during the turbulent times brought on by COVID-19. When face-to-face interactions came to a halt, brands made use of JOOR's Virtual Showroom to present designs with 360-degree imagery and video.

SUAVE, SS22 Collection

What benefits have you seen since being on JOOR?

JOOR has made our journey towards a range of digital initiatives hassle-free and straightforward. As we've made this transition, we've taken advantage of several tools, such as creating linesheets in various formats that we were then able to share with buyers, allowing for efficient sales and discussions. Aside from the exposure and visibility this has given our designers, JOOR's platform has saved us and lowered our costs significantly for various projects we've brought forward.

Introduce your emerging brands in the global marketplace

JOOR continues to expand its global wholesale management platform with features and a growing global network to increase the discoverability of emerging brands with a strong focus on sustainability. As a result, an increasing number of wholesalers are leveraging JOOR's technology to deliver intuitive shopping experiences to retailers and designers. For the third consecutive year, JOOR Passport is thrilled to be powering an integrated experience of JOOR's Virtual Showrooms and online tradeshow for brands and retailers to discover and collaborate with one another.  

Through working with JOOR, EFI’s emerging brands are getting the support they need to reach new potential retailers globally. A key to this success is enabling EFI’s brands to showcase their designs using JOOR’s virtual showroom to large luxury retailers around the globe. Coupling this with the sales efficiencies of leveraging JOOR’s innovative tools, EFI is accelerating their mission to support brands from underserved communities.

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