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The Glossary of JOOR

March 24, 2022

Looking to sharpen your JOOR aptitude? Page through our handy glossary and familiarize yourself with the terms and phrases we use everyday here at JOOR. While you’re at it, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the exciting products and innovations we have to offer. 

Beta: The introduction of a new product to a limited number of customers to test and provide feedback before general release. 

Custom Profile: A customizable B2B virtual showroom used to feature products and showcase your brand using simple drag and drop templates and widgets.

Digitalization: The way in which brands and retailers accelerate their growth and are able to conduct business completely virtually, from anywhere in the world.

ERP integrations: Stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Offers a unified view of information from different systems in real time, connecting and synchronizing with other applications and data sources. 

GMV: Stands for Gross Merchandise Value. Also known as wholesale transaction volume.

Hybrid approach: A strategy for driving growth and business expansion, combining face-to-face as well as virtual selling. 

JOOR: The world’s premier wholesale management platform, connecting brands and retailers globally.

JOOR Capital: A service offered to JOOR clients that provides short-term business financing to brands and retailers through industry-leading partnerships.

JOOR Passport: A curated marketplace for retailers to discover brands virtually. It aggregates the industry’s leading tradeshows and fashion events and with a single JOOR login, buyers can connect with brands. 

JOOR Workspace: JOOR’s Retail Partner platform designed to streamline the ordering process, utilizing a more intuitive user experience; provides the ability to collaborate on product orders and have the flexibility of personalizing your order view, budget, and currencies. 

Linesheet: A collection of styles that buyers can shop (virtually on JOOR). 

Orb 360°: An interactive display portraying dynamic 360°product  images in JOOR’s digital Catalog or Virtual Showrooms using our integration with ORDRE’s patented mobile image-capturing technology, creating a superior digital experience for buyers.

Retail Centre: An easy-to-navigate hub with all the tools retailers need, right in one place—from connection requests and messages, to staying in-the-know with emerging JOOR news. 

The Edit: The Edit is a flexible presentation tool where you can set and have retailers shop personalized looks from your collection. Use Set the Look to create curated shoppable collections using multimedia with flexible tools and templates. Merchandise and collaborate on these curated collections directly with retailers using the Styleboard.

UI: Stands for user interface, which is anything a user might interact with when navigating a digital product or service. 

Virtual Showroom: A completely customizable, shoppable showroom featuring advanced presentation tools and sophisticated technology that accurately portrays the beauty of your collection. 

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