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Stay True To Your Brand: 3 Best Practices For Personalizing Your Virtual Selling Profile

June 24, 2021

JOOR’s new Custom Profile capabilities allow brands to express themselves like never before on a wholesale platform. With numerous row templates and widgets that allow for creative use of text, images, videos, documents, or product insertions, brands have the freedom to craft their profile page as they see fit. The ease of making edits or even complete redesigns lends itself to frequent refreshing. With this exciting feature, you can now proudly showcase your brand’s aesthetics to current and potential buyers by transforming your profile into your very own storefront.

Need inspiration to get started? Below are examples of just some of the ways JOOR brands can elevate their custom profile to not only reflect their brand identity, but stand out amongst the crowd.


One of the most unique features of Custom Profile is the ability to incorporate your brand’s color palette and aesthetic tones. The options for design are limitless, and customers have free range to design the most representative profiles for their brands.

Missoni is unarguably one of the most recognized fashion houses by sight. Their instantly identifiable iconic patterned knits remain one of their greatest strengths. With JOOR, Missoni can play to that strength by designing a highly visual high-impact profile for B2B buyers. The Missoni page is designed to fully immerse buyers in the world of Missoni, and includes live video footage of catwalks, professionally shot lifestyle images, and lookbooks of the current season. The brand successfully captures a world-class feel in their design and capitalizes on their instant brand recognition. 

**Tip: When you access your Custom Profile page, the page will automatically default to view mode. View mode allows you to view and preview your profile so you can be confident it is to your liking. Also, you will be able to see how your profile will be displayed to different types of users viewing your profile.


We know how important a brand’s story is to their personal identity, often setting the scene for the inspiration behind capsules and collections. It’s the way your brand presents itself to the world and one of the first ways both buyers and consumers perceive you. This is why our Custom Profile template allows for text and visual placement capabilities, allowing you to design your page in a way that gives you the space to tell your story.

Luxury accessories brand Loeffler Randall takes the opportunity to share the story of their founder, Jessie Randall, and their values. The new Custom Profile offers a variety of ways to enrich your storytelling with media: use creative image layouts, embed videos, or even embed your Instagram feed!

By clearly outlining your brand’s ethos, retailers serving similarly-oriented consumers can quickly envision why you would make a compelling addition to their assortment and request a connection for doing business.


Need to boost sales and zoom in on moving merchandise? Focus your messaging on taking action! We love Mata Traders’ very shopping-oriented profile which clearly lets buyers know that inventory is available now. 

The brand decided to style their Custom Profile in a more eCommerce approach, creating custom banners with clear action-oriented verbiage at the top of the page. Additionally, they clearly labeled out each product category to give buyers an easy user experience when navigating their styles. A cleverly used headline image and premium placement of available linesheets quickly directs buyers to start clicking and shopping!


One of JOOR’s most engaging and interactive features, The Edit, provides both brands and retailers with a curated and collaborative digital shopping experience. Brands use Set the Look to create personalized presentations, making collections pop with dynamic multimedia assets paired with high-resolution imagery or shoppable looks.

Brand sales reps can create unlimited Set the Look presentations to provide multiple custom curations for buyers to view and shop. Each presentation can include one or more different looks you would like to showcase, and every look can be shoppable and enhanced with product cards, videos, and images.

The Styleboard is a collaborative canvas for pre-selects and provides a highly visual overview where the buyer and seller can communicate as they build an assortment. In addition to jointly adding items to the Styleboard, sales reps and buyers can also use chat functionality to communicate offline. This cuts down on phone calls and serves as a historical record of discussion points. Once a Styleboard is finalized, these products can easily be transferred into an order.

In today’s digital age, marketing your brand in a compelling way and with the right balance of creativity and commerciality is imperative. Personalization is key to being able to tell your brand story on all fronts, whether it be on your social media, e-commerce store, or wholesale virtual showroom. The JOOR platform is well-equipped with features and product updates to make this process easy and customizable. Take advantage of building a Custom Profile that fits your needs and represents your brand. Similarly, share your vision and cater to each buyer personally with The Edit.

For step-by-step guides to both Custom Profile and The Edit, visit our help center. Speak to your Customer Success Manager for additional guidance or request a demo to learn more about how the JOOR platform can power your wholesale business. 

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