Scandi Style: Successful Brand Building with Ganni, Holzweiler and Stand Studio

June 23, 2023

Comfortable clean lines that combine beauty with smooth functionality—the essence of Scandi style, long associated with home décor, is also inherent in the broad allure and wearability of Scandinavian fashion. But simplicity doesn’t preclude evolution. Today’s Scandinavian fashion, full of color, whimsy, and imaginative practicality, has expansive worldwide appeal.

The impact of the global rise of Scandi fashion was the topic of a recent Drapers Online webinar. Chris Akrimi, Chief Global Revenue Officer at JOOR, had an in-depth chat with representatives from three influential Scandinavian brands:

Hosted by Graeme Moran, Associate Editor of Drapers Online, the webinar examines more than just the enduring appeal of Scandi style. The panelists discuss their business experiences and success strategies, including how they took advantage of technological tools to drive product development, accelerate growth, manage international expansion, and build loyal communities.

First and foremost, the brands agree that technological tools have broadened their reach, giving them access to a wider fashion community. “If we want to target new areas it’s no secret that being physically present is a key to success,” says Sarah-May Brown, Commercial Director at Holzweiler. “But we can’t be everywhere at once.” Besides which, as a responsible brand, Holzweiler wants to limit travel for environmental reasons. But today, curtailing travel doesn’t mean losing out on valuable business opportunities. “Instead, we reach out to these clients on JOOR and use JOOR to create new connections.” 

Thomas Lecoq, Global Sales Director at Ganni agrees that technology has changed the way the fashion business operates. “Now it’s very much about digital experience. JOOR is a very good example of that. JOOR has been a great tool for us in the showroom, both during and after the season. Not only is it helping brands but it’s also helping retailers work better together.”

JOOR also helped Scandinavian brands reach the rest of the world. "We onboarded with JOOR only six months ago and that was a great experience for us -- walking into a platform that has a seriously global reach,” says Bent Lee, Global Sales Director at Stand Studio. Today Stand Studio is interacting with large global partners as well as those at the boutique level. “When we started, we had 500-600 partners. Out of those partners, 90% were already connected to JOOR. We basically made life easier for our clients and for ourselves”.

As Scandinavian fashion brands mature and grow in the international spotlight, JOOR is evolving right alongside them. “I've been with JOOR since it first came to the UK,” says Brown, “It has changed so much!” She feels the platform is no longer just a digital interface but much, much more. “You can create a selective edit for each individual client. You can even create moodboards.” This kind of personalized action demonstrates your brand is truly dedicated to working for your client. “It shows that you care about your clients’ business, and I think that’s kind of the heart of everything. "

As Scandi brands rise in prominence, JOOR has also helped them cope with the resulting surge in demand. “We needed to switch to JOOR to keep up with the success we’re having at the moment,” says Lee. When it comes to fashion wholesale, JOOR’s comprehensive end-to-end platform is absolutely vital. “I don’t think many of us are able to live without it today."

As the enduring appeal of Scandinavian style extends to fashion, brands are turning to JOOR to manage growth as they make the move from the local to the international stage. If you’re ready to drive sales and want to stand out in a crowded fashion landscape, request a demo today.

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