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Revolutionize Your Payments Process with JOOR Pay

February 27, 2024

Are you tired of the tedious task of chasing payments and want to minimize risks associated with manual transactions? Look no further than JOOR Pay, our revolutionary embedded payments product designed to seamlessly complement your existing payment processes and supercharge your payments collection. JOOR Pay not only accelerates payment timelines but also simplifies and streamlines your overall order management process, providing you with a cutting-edge solution to transform your payment experience.

Key Advantages of JOOR Pay:

1. Faster Payments:

Accelerate your cash flow by collecting payments with ease through JOOR Pay. Say goodbye to the time wasted waiting for funds to hit your account. With JOOR Pay, buyers can pay directly online using the payment method they prefer, increasing the likelihood of fast payments. Payments are tied to orders on JOOR—with orders  immediately marked as paid, you can ship your products out quickly.

2. Enhanced Security:

Bid farewell to the risks associated with storing sensitive credit card information and the hassle of chasing payments. The handling and storage of buyers’ payment data is highly regulated and presents risk. 

Brands today that deal with this type of sensitive information can become a point of compromise for identity theft. JOOR Pay acts as Merchant of Record, alleviating liability for all payment, PCI compliance, and associated data breach concerns.

3. Diverse Payment Options:

Cater to your buyers' preferences by offering a variety of online payment options. JOOR Pay supports PayPal, credit cards, 60-day net terms, and bank transfers. The flexibility in payment methods ensures a seamless experience for your customers, increasing the likelihood of successful transactions.

4. Work in Tandem with Other Systems:

JOOR Pay complements your existing processes, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency. Whether you finalize your final order on JOOR or off, JOOR Pay can help streamline your payment process. Our flexible payment request options even allow you to collect payment for external orders.

Enhancements Since Launch:

Since the launch of JOOR Pay, we've been committed to enhancing your experience. To celebrate the anniversary of JOOR Pay, here are some recent critical enhancements we’ve made:

1. Effortless Sorting and Action-Taking:

Easily manage transactions by sorting and taking actions based on payment status, ensuring a smooth workflow. JOOR Pay's intuitive interface empowers you to stay organized and in control, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

2. Order Payment Cancellation:

Gain greater flexibility and control with the ability to cancel order payments when needed. Canceling an order will also cancel the associated payment link, so a buyer can no longer make payment.

3. Customizable In-Platform Payment Request Emails:

Tailor your payment request emails within the platform to align with your brand and communication style. JOOR Pay not only ensures efficiency but also provides a personalized touch, enhancing your brand image and customer relationships.

4. Partial Payments Collection:

Collect deposits or partial shipping payments, making transactions more adaptable to your business needs. By collecting partial deposits during a tradeshow, you can better secure your orders and improve cash flow. JOOR Pay understands that flexibility is key, and its features are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of your business.

5. Due Dates for Payment Requests & Invoices:

Stay organized with the addition of due dates to payment requests and invoices, ensuring timely and efficient transactions. JOOR Pay's commitment to enhancing functionality extends to keeping your financial processes on track and aligned with your business goals.

6. Enhanced Navigation and Functionality:

Navigate through the platform seamlessly and experience improved functionality for streamlined payment requests. JOOR Pay's user-friendly interface ensures that you spend less time navigating the system and more time focusing on growing your business.

7. Stat Call-Out Box:

With JOOR Pay, the average time from sending an invoice to receiving payment is shortened by 19 days, and brands save on average 200+ hours of time per year which would otherwise be spent manually processing invoices. These statistics highlight the incredible efficiency gained from embracing JOOR Pay as your payment solution.


With JOOR Pay, we empower you to enhance cash flow, streamline payments collection, boost successful transactions by 10%, mitigate risks, and, most importantly, save valuable time and resources. Break free from payment hassles and embrace the future of efficient payments with JOOR Pay. Revolutionize your payments process today and experience the transformation that JOOR Pay brings to the world of payments—it's time to unlock the full potential of your business with a payments solution that understands your needs and propels you towards success.

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