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ORB360° & JOOR Integration Gives Buyers Next-Level Look and FeeL

June 4, 2021

For better or worse, lockdown got us used to certain things. Working from home. Streaming opening night movies in fuzzy slippers. And doing absolutely everything conveniently, seamlessly, and most excellently online. And you know us humans: once we get used to something--especially if it makes our lives better, more comfortable, easier, or less expensive in any way--we’re not ones to give it up.  

Enter the wholesale industry. We crammed five years of innovation into the past four quarters. We made it possible for buyers to virtually walk the showroom or the tradeshow floor, we put fashion months and face-to-face meetings online. In an industry where end consumers rake in all the convenient online goodies--from virtual try-ons to runway livestreams to buy on mobile, pick up curbside--we finally gave buyers a taste of the digital good life. And just because it’s possible to get on an airplane again, doesn’t mean buyers will always make that choice. Or that they wouldn’t still expect and appreciate a personalized hybrid experience when they get there--say, the chance to review video-enabled linesheets in the hotel gym, and purchase their final edit from a customized virtual runway show with their rep over lunch. Now that in-person is back, buyers finally have something they never had before--a choice. It’s our responsibility to make sure it delights them when they choose it. 

During the long months of the pandemic, buyers had to merchandise exclusively online. And over and over, they stated the singular importance of one make-or-break feature: technology that conveys real look and feel. In order to truly boost confidence in buying decisions, they required dynamic visuals like video, zoom-in and 360 degree viewing options. Now, when they choose to edit online, this still remains the priority.  The more immersively we can convey texture, weight and movement virtually--whether buyers access products remotely or as an extension of their onsite experience--the more successfully we’ll be supporting their needs.

The partnership maximizes resources for brands as well. A full service team brings mobile units onsite to quickly capture imagery and video with minimal disruption or use of space.  For ¼-½ the cost of a traditional video or photo shoot, brands get full rights to designer-level imagery to use across all channels--B2B and consumer sites, social media, email and SMS marketing, virtual runway presentations, The Edit, and more. And seamless integration between ORB360° and JOOR uploads images and video directly to linesheets at the SKU-level, making it fast and convenient to give buyers the detailed and customized resources they need.

But with this level of real-feel immersion, seeing is believing.  Request a demo today to see it in action.

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