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JOOR’s Latest Retail Updates Focus On Ease-Of-Use And Collaboration

June 3, 2021

Our Retail 2.0 platform keeps getting better. The new assortment planning experience couples excel-like capabilities with strong visualization tools, enabling buyers to merchandise their buys before finalizing their orders. To facilitate information sharing and collaboration, assortments can be shared between team members or even with brands with comments and questions.

What’s new for our JOOR Pro Retail Partners:

  1. Easier to use

· The newly redesigned JOOR Workbook features a sophisticated, easy-to-use customizable interface that follows an intuitive buyer workflow.Plan assortments with ease, supported by dynamic product information which can be edited.

· Add a new product directly within your assortment (such as exclusives)

  1. Powerful visualization

· Thousands of brands use JOOR for hosting their virtual showrooms. Leverage that data when building your assortments. Easily pull in images and real-time updates from linesheets for a rich assortment planning experience. 

· Use filters to change the way you assess your assortment. 

  1. Smart shortcuts

· The little things can make a big difference. Use your favorite time savers, like copying and pasting across rows, creating pre-set size runs, or establishing clusters to efficiently input data for multiple doors at once.

  1. Efficient collaboration

· Reduce errors and keep everyone working off the same real-time information with a single point of truth. JOOR Workbook links to live synchronized linesheet data which can be shared with team members and back to brands for efficient and accurate communication. 

  1. More business intelligence

· Create your own custom reports using advanced pivot table technology to roll up financials, assess distribution across doors or forecast your next buying season. Build, save, and share your reports with your colleagues or manager.

We are continuing to focus on the buyer workflow and experience on JOOR. More exciting updates to come over the summer! Speak to your Customer Success Manager for more details.


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