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JOOR: Your Right Hand for In-Person Appointments

May 8, 2023

Fashion tradeshows are dazzling events. These colorful expos bring the best and brightest brands together in one place. Sellers have a chance to showcase their new collections, while buyers get an up-close view of the latest products and trends. And both have the opportunity to create lasting and meaningful relationships.

As the world begins to reopen after years of pandemic restrictions, fashion tradeshows are seeing a resurgence. Not surprising: traveling to tradeshows and showroom appointments has been integral to the fashion industry workflow for decades. Today, however, both buyers and sellers are trying to find ways to optimize the tradeshow experience by complementing their in-person experience with valuable digital tools.

Previously, the tradeshow order-taking process was very manual. Much time was wasted writing notes and compiling orders on paper to be manually consolidated later. Retailers deserve an easy way to create and manage orders, especially when they’re away from their desks traveling between tradeshows and appointments. Brands require an easy and engaging way to showcase their collection and also manage all their orders.

JOOR is the all-in-one digital solution for in-person and tradeshow appointments.

Benefits for Brands

In addition to being the world’s premier wholesale management platform, JOOR has mastered the hybrid approach to digital wholesale. Brands and retailers can leverage our intuitive mobile app to efficiently create orders. Our flexible data and agnostic tools mean you can work in any system.

With JOOR, you can buy and sell from anywhere. Wi-Fi is not required, so brands can take orders both online and off. No more pen and paper at the show: taking the digital approach eliminates the waste of valuable time. Instead, you can directly scan product codes to make the process faster and more efficient. 

Best of all, brands are able to show their entire collection without the cost or hassle of shipping every piece to the physical event. With JOOR, you can even extend access to previous collections and colorways and make the most of your inventory.

Rewarding for Retailers

The JOOR for Buyers app means retailers never have to worry about showing up to an appointment unprepared. It’s easy to find brand linesheets and download them for offline use. Then retailers can use those linesheets to create orders at tradeshows and in-person appointments. Changes are saved whenever retailers connect to WiFi for a seamless buying workflow from mobile to desktop.

Optimize your time while traveling by taking notes right in the app during your appointments. Select products for your order, add units and attributes, and even upload product images. You can add custom products to your Workspace, the multi-branded ordering experience for retailers. Creating your assortment takes on an ecommerce-like shopping experience in real life.


The app also gives both buyers and sellers access to JOOR Pay, our revolutionary embedded global payment solution. Forget about having to spend hours chasing follow-up payments: brands can use JOOR Pay to seamlessly capture deposits and collect payment during in-person appointments.

Buyers have the option to pay using their preferred method: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or with JOOR’s 60-day net terms. And there’s no need to worry about currency conversion on either side. JOOR simplifies the financial back end, so buyers can make, and brands receive, payment each in their currency of choice.

Our advanced payment system sends buyers online payment notifications, while sellers receive payment status notifications so they can ship out orders right away. Automatically tying payments to orders provides both buyers and sellers with one source of truth and one system for their wholesale fashion business. 

From order creation to final payment, online or off, JOOR helps brands and retailers collaborate at tradeshows. Whether you’re experiencing the excitement of tradeshows for the first time or an experienced veteran looking forward to once again seeing many colleagues in one place, JOOR has the digital tools you need to make the best of your in-person appointments.

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