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JOOR Passport User Features: Brand Guide

January 13, 2021

Gearing up for your event on JOOR Passport

We break down the most important housekeeping tips and new features you can leverage on JOOR when participating in a Passport Event.

1. Captivate Buyers From The Grid

Your account photo on JOOR is what buyers will see when exploring the “virtual floor” of the tradeshow. Be sure to choose an engaging image that will set you apart from the crowd.

Pro Tip: Stay away from logo images. Brands that use an editorial or lifestyle photo will see more traffic and connection requests throughout the event.

2. Direct Buyers To Your Booth

Customizing your JOOR URL will ensure you can promote your virtual booth to prospective and current buyers on social media and other marketing channels. 

Pro Tip: Use captivating, hi-resolution imagery and video. Brands that upload clear and engaging content will help convert more connections and visitors to actual orders. 

 3. Pre-Approve Connection Requests Of Registered Retailers

On the day of your event, you will get access to Passport’s Quick-Connect Tool which will allow you to pre-approve any retailers registered to participate in the event.

 Pro tip: Be on the lookout for new connection requests every day! Chances are, there will be retailers exploring different shows that may not have registered prior. Staying on top of your connection requests will ensure you are able to build more connections throughout the show.

 4. Make Your First Impression Count

The discovery experience at an in-person tradeshow is like no other. To offer a more efficient and engaging experience online, brands are able to offer a preview of 5 “About Me” styles directly to buyers on the virtual ‘show floor’.  

Pro Tip:. Brands should preview their top sellers or signature pieces to help buyers visualize your brand in their store.

5. Capitalize On Being A Favorite

Retailers navigating through the events on Passport have the opportunity to favorite brands and re-visit them at a later date. Brands can now act upon these views faster, with full insight into which tradeshow they discovered you on, top brands they stock and even contact information. 

Pro Tip: Sorting your list can help drive new connections faster. When viewing the list of unconnected retailers that have favorited your profile, you have the opportunity to send a connection request directly through the dashboard.


6. Take it one step further, and show more of your collection

To enable more qualified business relationships during virtual tradeshow events, brands can now share a public view of select linesheets. By offering this sneak peek, you give the buyer the ability to vet your brand prior to sending through a connection request. 

Pro Tip: This is an optional setting that offers only specific insight into style names, colorway options, and imagery. No prices will be shared on public linesheets. If you are a pro brand, you will need to contact your CSM for the permission to be turned on for the appropriate users. 


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