JOOR Passport Powers Leading Global Fashion Tradeshows Virtually

August 7, 2020

The pandemic’s ‘digital first’ imperative has forced our industry to make big changes, fast. The new applications of virtual showroom technology not only differ from the pre-COVID norm--but in many ways make business better than before.

When the health crisis took hold, both buyers and brands faced the issue of finding a virtual alternative to upcoming spring and summer markets. Buyers worried about access to brands and making confident purchases without seeing products in motion. Brands questioned how to convey product details, achieve sales goals and provide personalized service. JOOR fast-tracked the virtual tradeshow solution JOOR Passport to allay these concerns--and make curated marketplaces happen.

Virtually get to the final edit, fast

Building on JOOR’s industry standard Virtual Showroom technology, JOOR Passport gives brands the opportunity to make connections and take orders--but capitalizes on the particular benefits that digital can bring. Curated categories help buyers across the globe make new brand discoveries, and connect brands with new partners. 

Collection videos and rich technologies like zoom-in, video and 360° spins let buyers experience products close up and in motion--thereby breaking the ‘look and feel barrier’ and increasing their buying confidence. Personalized Styleboards enable brands to send ‘shoppable showrooms’ at scale with individualized assortments, customizable pricing and all the visual bells and whistles. Brands and retailers can digitally ‘meet’ in these settings for immersive styleboard collaborations to work out order details in real-time and get to the final edit, fast.

A highly curated and personalized chance for retailers to ‘shop the look’

JOOR Passport does physical trade shows one better--enabling retailers to ‘go global’ without leaving their homes. Registered buyers get access to each and every event--whether it takes place in Dubai or downtown NYC. Retailers can shop by category across events, allowing them to streamline their experience. This extra level of curation helps them quickly discover brands within their focus and bring new talent into their mix. To help build ideal assortments efficiently, Passport also allows retailers to ‘favorite’ brands across shows. And customized communication, paired with technology that brings products to life, enables retailers to shop not only quickly--but confidently.

Transform to a global, 365-day calendar

Unlike time-bound physical shows, JOOR Passport gives 365-day access to these engaging, streamlined and global shopping experiences. 

So far, the platform has successfully powered FW 2020 London Fashion Week, Berlin’s Premium Group and SEEK, and Cabana--and will make it possible for Liberty Fairs, JOOR Showcase and additional events in Paris, the Middle East, and Asia to happen this fall. To date, JOOR Passport shows have achieved the following milestones:

·      45k+ visitors 

·      500+ unique brand participants

·      10,600+ unique retailers

·      53k+ products purchased  

*Data as of early August. These numbers increase daily since events are still live.

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