JOOR Capital Helps Your Business Do More Business

March 1, 2022

JOOR Capital Helps Your Business Do More Business

One of the pillars of our company is providing value to our clients—with tools and services designed to vastly improve their wholesale process—and now, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding this value by offering financial services to both buyers and sellers operating on our platform. With the help of funding experts Liberis*, JOOR Capital now provides access to funding solutions to help businesses grow.

What is JOOR Capital? 

JOOR is partnering with leading funding experts to deliver JOOR Capital. It’s financing for small- and medium-sized businesses, but not like you know it. This alternative solution to funding is designed to work with the ebbs and flows of everyday business life. It’s simple– 

Right now, a JOOR buyer or seller can access the funds they need to purchase more inventory, invest in modernizing their business or simply improve their cash flow, all through JOOR Capital. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.** JOOR customers can get on with what they do best…growing their business. 

Who can apply? 

Liberis currently offers this funding option to any qualified business on the JOOR platform in the UK. JOOR Capital is expanding to the US soon and other countries in the EU later this year.  You can find out if your business is eligible for funding on the JOOR Capital page. Enquiring won’t affect your credit score^^^.

Now, JOOR makes it easier for businesses to – 

In the coming months we’ll be expanding our financial services and introducing an embedded in-platform payment solution—stay tuned!

If you're a UK brand or retailer and looking for flexible business financings, click here,

Terms and Conditions

* The JOOR Capital product is provided by Liberis Ltd. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply. JOOR Capital, powered by Liberis is not a Financial Conduct Authority regulated product, it is provided by Liberis Ltd and JOOR will receive a commission. Liberis Ltd is not affiliated with JOOR.

** Amounts and pricing may be subject to change, depending on your credit profile at enquiry. Offers for JOOR Capital, powered by Liberis are subject to an underwriting process before any offer can be made as well as credit and other checks. Liberis can assess business income not processed through JOOR when assessing a business for funding. Liberis reserves the right to withdraw any offer in the event of the applicant or its officers being linked to records of insolvency proceedings, or in the light of other credit information. If you close your business or cease trading for more than 7 days, you must notify Liberis. 

^ You will be expected to operate your business in a way that ensures Liberis receives a monthly minimum amount of 3% of the total amount owed to Liberis.    

^^ As of October 2021, 81% of successful applications received funding within 2 working days. Any preliminary approval will be based on the information about your business that is available at the time. You will get a final decision after submitting an actual application.  

^^^ Your credit score is not affected by applying for JOOR Capital. Taking out finance may affect your credit score, and any decision to take out JOOR Capital shall be solely at your own risk. 

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