Five Ways JOOR Helps Small Businesses Grow and Thrive

October 28, 2021

1. Exposure
With 350,000+ retailers in 150 countries on our platform, JOOR offers small brands the opportunity to widen their distribution network and find new retail partners. With enhanced features such as high-resolution imagery and video capabilities, brands can bring their stories and products to life while retailers can access virtual showrooms from anywhere, 24/7.

Five Ways JOOR Helps Small Businesses Grow and Thrive

2. Outreach
Relying on the insight gained from data instead of cold calling, brands can strategize their sales outreach and prioritize leads—a valuable time management tool for small teams.

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3. Efficiency
One of JOOR’s most exciting features is the ability to accept orders and process payments all in-platform. The integrated invoice management system allows brands to generate invoices and accept payments from all major credit cards. Brands can spend less time filing and tracking invoices, and more time promoting their business.

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4. Sustainability
More consumers seek products with sustainable business models, and the craving for “slow fashion” is no exception. Driven by this shifting consumer consciousness, many retailers are adding eco-conscious practices into their own operations as well. JOOR’s digital platform helps brands reduce carbon footprint in multiple ways—from reduced air travel thanks to virtual showroom appointments, to less shipping and physical waste from taking large-scale in-person events completely online. Digital operations not only save money but help save the environment, too.


5. Support
JOOR has the resources and support to help small businesses reach their goals every step of the way. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help navigate best practices, optimization, and real-time reporting—all areas that can identify opportunities to boost business and spur growth.


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