Assortment Planning Tips to Kick the New Year Off Right

January 3, 2022

According to Mckinsey and Co, “The majority of companies are planning for dramatic change in their assortment planning and design decisions, shifting toward reduced product complexity. Many will follow a “less is more” approach, with greater in-season reactivity and reduced options.”

JOOR’s assortment planning experience couples Excel-like capabilities with strong visualization tools, enabling buyers to merchandise their buys with ease, before finalizing their orders. To facilitate information sharing and collaboration, assortments can be shared between team members or even with brands with comments and questions. Data and predictive analytics help guide smarter decision making, not just in product design but also assortment planning, and even marketing and consumer targeting. Better understand how JOOR has refined the assortment planning process and helps improve the overall wholesale buying experience. 

Key Features:

Powerful visualization: Access and add dynamic product images to instantly visualize your buy in real time

Easier to use: Real time data helps you plan with ease, supported with helpful linesheet intel

Efficient collaboration: Keep all history and comments in context while planning an assortment

Using JOOR to Make Smarter Decisions

JOOR is built around a brand’s product-to-market process—from initial conception to final assortment decisions and even considers aspects such as regional placement. JOOR data can be used to inform marketing, expedite decision making, aid in assortment planning, and discover new subcategories to explore.

Plan your assortments smoother, smarter, and with ease, thanks to JOOR’s advanced assortment planning tools.

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