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3 Key Insights to Power Your Wholesale Business

August 15, 2019

Industry-wide sales data from analysts and trade groups can certainly paint the big picture. But don’t you wish you could dig a little deeper, and understand the real ‘what’ and ‘how’ behind the bird’s eye view? 

JOOR publishes its Trend Edit to help brands and retailers do just that. With data-driven stories compiled from 8600+ brands in 53 categories, 200,000+ retailers in 144 countries, 2,300 daily connections, and $29B in lifetime GMV. 

Here’s 3 ways our wholesale community can benefit:

1. Wholesale trends give brands a drilled-down view into what consumers are buying, and a way to predict what they will buy in the future

Savvy retailers and brands can take note of these consumer passions to help define the next steps of style. Of course, great designers and buyers know what their customers will love--and data should never lead their process. But data can add great value when it informs their judgement, as Kate Spade CMO, Marry Renner Beech shares in this Glossy podcast

2. Wholesale trends help brands keep tabs on their retail partners’ strategic priorities. 

Curation, personalization, stories and fun--these days, retailers’ in-store strategies for building customer loyalty and engagement are constantly on the move. Wholesale insights help brands track how these changing strategies impact on assortment choices and buying patterns. 

3. Wholesale trends help brands and retailers benchmark themselves against their peers.  

Our industry is in a time of rapid transformation. Access to an industry average of metrics around key processes can give a clearer picture of your business’ competitive differentiators--as well as the areas where you still need to work.  As McKinsey’s recent work around go-to-market has pointed out, access to such information can make the difference between surviving, and thriving.  

JOOR’s insights can help set up industry partners to make their smartest and most strategic decisions. To get free access to his valuable data, access the full report here.

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