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2023 Wholesale Trends Report

December 8, 2022

Top Industry Trends That Will Shape Wholesale in 2023

In the last year, the retail industry has evolved, making buyers and sellers adapt to market pressures and leverage digital buying and selling as a new path to success. Consumers have established new patterns, and the world of retail accordingly looks a little different on the other side—from more personalized online experiences to a resurgence of wholesale as brands look to diversify their distribution strategy.

JOOR processed nearly $20 billion in wholesale transactions this year alone, continuing to solidify our place as the world’s leading wholesale management ecosystem. Access to this volume of transaction data and vast global network of brands and retailers provides unique insight into the trends affecting our industry and those likely to take hold in the coming year.

Prepare your business for the year ahead by reading our data-driven report, highlighting the following five key factors which will affect business in 2023:

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